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Rick Bassman Enterprises presentsValor Fighting4th and BSaturday, August 19th, 8pm

Valor Fighting is primed and ready to once again thrill a live audience at San Diego’s 4th and B with a hard-hitting night of live Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighting action and entertainment. The spectacle, taking place on August 19th, will feature at least 8 HUGE fights inside the unforgiving confines of the Valor cage. Before getting into the details of this historic night, here is some background on Valor Fighting.

Since its inception in 2004, Valor Fighting and Management (VFM) has made big waves in the fighting world, quickly establishing itself as “The Next Generation of Mixed Martial Arts.” Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an intense and constantly evolving combat sport in which competitors utilize interdisciplinary forms of fighting including Boxing, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Karate and other styles to their strategic and tactical advantage. MMA bouts, truly the ultimate challenge in one-on-one competition, are now recognized and regulated by the world’s most prestigious sports regulatory bodies. Valor’s mission is to produce exciting, high quality, professional live events in North America while developing superstar talent with the skill and presence needed to compete on the world stage. With a North American-wide DVD distribution deal through Big Vision Entertainment, and strong relationships with the world’s largest fighting promotions including K-1, UFC, Pride and Rumble On The Rock, VFM is certainly off to a great start! In fact, VFM has sent over 20 of its most skilled warriors including Sylvester “Predator” Terkay, Tom Howard, former WWE pro wrestler Sean O’Haire, and Battle at The Bellagio III Champion Mighty Mou to compete on pay-per-views and live events held all over the globe. Valor also represents some of the biggest stars in the sport (literally) including David “Tank” Abbott, Eric “Butterbean” Esch, and Bob “The Beast” Sapp.

That being said, the founders of Valor are chomping at the bit to unleash and exhibit the skills of the company’s diverse group of modern day gladiators to fight fans everywhere through their own Valor Fighting live events. They will have a chance to do just that on August 19 when Valor Fighting returns to “America’s Finest City” with some of America’s finest fighters!

Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch returns to Valor!

Shannon “The Cannon Ritch”, a proud American and member of the United States Armed Forces wears the Stars & Stripes every time he steps into battle. He claims that those colors never run! Ritch recently returned from yet again defending our country; he had this to say, “I went to Iraq as the body guard for The Ambassador to The U.S. I gave up the ring to go over there to fight. I fought for my country, and now I’m back to fight for Valor!” As a fighter, “The Cannon” is a battle-tested veteran. In fact, Shannon is the most active MMA fighter in the world today with over 100 pro fights under his belt. Speaking of belts, Ritch is a 2-Time ISCF Champion, and he also earned the Russian Middleweight Tournament Championship among many other accolades. Certainly, Ritch would love nothing more than to add another victory to his collection on August 19 when he battles Vince Perez.

Female fighting phenomenon Erin Toughill set for Valor debut!

Those who were in attendance for Valor Fighting’s last event at 4th and B on April 29 no doubt remember the many special guest appearances that night including legendary fighters David “Tank” Abott and Kimo. Also on hand that night was an individual considered by many to be the top female MMA fighter in the world, Erin Toughill. Erin was interviewed that night about the challenges of breaking boundaries as a woman in the male dominated world of MMA fighting.

On August 19, Erin will have a chance to show a live audience in San Diego that she not only talks the talk, but she can certainly walk the walk! The seven-year fighting veteran will step into the Valor cage for the first time. The boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist has competed in 19 professional fights; and has an MMA record of 6-2-1 (one loss was by disqualification). Erin’s biggest victory came in 2004, when she knocked out Marlose Coenon in the first round in a bout that took place in Shizuoka, Japan. At the time, Coenon had a perfect 11-0 record, and was the #1 ranked female fighter in the world. Toughill had this to say about women competing in MMA:

“I believe women can perform in this sport just as well as the men, if not better. If I can be an influential force in other women’s lives and encourage them to be involved in MMA, or to pursue something that is mainly male-dominated – then it will all have been worth it. My goal is to be the #1 woman in MMA fighting and to completely dominate the sport. I take pride in being a complete fighter.”

August 19 offers a rare opportunity to see one of the world’s top fighters in action. On an interesting side note, Erin’s fiancée Clark is also a very talented fighter. In fact, Clark “The Irish Bulldog” Bevans (pictured below) will also be in action on August 19!

Valor promises an all out entertainment overload on August 19. All fighters will come to the ring with signature music and big screen entrance videos. As a result, the live audience will be immersed in a big broadcast environment within the intimate setting of 4th and B.” The event will be shot for DVD release. The smoking hot Valor Girls will be on hand to join in the festivities as well.

Make sure you are on hand live to witness this HUGE night of action and entertainment!

What: Valor Fighting: 8 HUGE fights featuring professional stars of MMA featuring female MMA phenomenon Erin Toughill, Clark “The Irish Bulldog” Bevans and local San Diego fighters Rick Screeton, Sean Major, Josh Tamsen and many more!

Where: 4th and B: 345 B Street, San Diego, CA 92101

When: August 19th @ 8pm

Tickets: Tickets are available at all Ticket Master locations (619) 220-8487 or on and at the 4th and B Box Office (619) 231-4343.

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