Renner Gracie BJJ for Car jacking

VIDEO: Gracie Anti Automobile Abduction Car Jacking

How to Stop a Car Jacking w Gracie Anti Automobile Abduction


Like every family, the Gracies have been known to keep a few secrets up their gi sleeves, but some secrets are too valuable to be kept.

In this special edition breakdown, Rener Graice and Eve share some life-saving automobile abduction prevention strategies based on Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and some innovative uses of the seatbelt. This may very well be the most valuable jiu-jitsu instructional video we’ve ever published.

Please share this video with everyone you love, if it saves one life or prevents one abduction, it was worth it!

WARNING: Do NOT practice these techniques while the automobile is in motion, and make sure all training partners are familiar with the “tap out” process.

This video was shot on location at the Ramstein US Air Force base in Germany during a Gracie Defense Systems Instructor Certification Course. Special thanks to all the men and women of the US Armed Forces.


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