Videos – Can You Believe Buchecha? Is He Crazy?

I just got an email from Buchecha, I can’t believe he is giving away FREE VIDEOS of his techniques just days before his Super Fight with Roger Gracie at Metamoris. What is he thinking? He must be super confident in his game!

There is no doubt he is an amazing Jiu Jitsu Player. Just look at all these tittles!

  • * 6x World Champion (2012 Black Belt & Absolute, 2010 Brown Belt & Absolute, 2009 Purple Belt & Absolute);
  • * 6x World Nogi Champion (2011 Black Weight & Absolute, 2010 Black Weight & Absolute, 2009 Brown Weight & Absolute);
  • * 4x World Cup Champion (2009 Brown Weight & Absolute, 2008 Blue Weight  & Absolute)
  • * Pan American Champion (2012 Black Belt Weight & Absolute*, 2010 Brown Belt);
  • * World Pro Cup Champion (2012)
  • * 2x Miami Open Champion (2010 Black Belt, Weight & Absolute);
  • * 3x Brazilian National Champion (2010 Brown, Weight & Absolute, 2008 Purple Belt);
  • * Brazilian Teams Champion (2008 Purple)
  • * World Silver Medallist (2011 Black Belt)

But best in the world?  Watch these Free Technique Videos and You Decide?

You know Roger Gracie and Team Gracie will be drilling these Free Moves all Week Long! 

So, here they are FREE Video Series with The 2012 Black Belt Weight & Absolute BJJ World Champion, Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida. 

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