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If you would like to contact Wagney for a seminar or training you can send him a email at: info@wagnneyfabiano.comBALEIA-How did Jiu-Jitsu come into your life?Wagney- My whole family trained, my father was brown belt when he died, my aunt was a black belt, my uncle was a red belt (Geraldo) and my cousin is the founder of Nova Uniao Wendell Alexander.

BALEIA- Did your family support your Jiu-Jitsu career?Wagney- Of course, they pushed me into BJJ to help me stay away from trouble.

BALEIA- Do you feel a lot of pressure to win being the brother of Leonardo Santos?Wagney- No, we grew up competing together. At first, I was the champion. Now he is the champion and I am really happy for him. I love my brother, we have a great relationship.

BALEIA- Which titles have you won during your Jiu-Jitsu career?Wagney- These are the major ones: · Pan-American Purple belt Champion. · 4 x National Champion ﷓ blue, purple, brown, & black belt divisions. · 3rd place in the 1998 World Championships · 1997 Brasilia State Champion Black Belt and Absolute Champion · National Team Champion 1998

BALEIA- How did you get the opportunity to come to Canada to teach?Wagney- I actually had the opportunity to go to the US, but I wanted to see something different. Canada is a great country. I had an opportunity to teach at a new school in June 1999, but that didn`t work out. So I ended up meeting Phillip Gelinas “Sled Dog” in Montreal, and taught at his school for 4 years. He is a great friend and like a father to me. I recently moved to Toronto Canada in June 2002 to teach and develop my own school – Wagnney Fabiano’s Karma Martial Arts.

BALEIA- Who do you think your game is similar to in BJJ? And What’s the difference between your Jiu-Jitsu and others?Wagney- No one really, I tried hard to find out what works for me. But I guess Joao Roque and I have a similar style, its not a crazy or a really fancy style but one that works well, and wins. Also my style is good for gi and no gi.

BALEIA- What is your opinion of the match with your brother Leo and Royler for the semi finals of the 1999 World Championships?Wagney- I felt that my brother had won the match. The referee apologized later to my brother about the mistake.

BALEIA- What are your future plans? Vale Tudo, kimono, or submission wrestling?Wagney- I like it all really. But recently, I have been focussing on developing my students in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa. I have a really nice team with excellent fighters. I am proud of this, but soon it will be time for me to come back.

BALEIA- Who have you had the opportunity to train with while teaching here in Canada? Wagney- My students really, I have made lots of new contacts and have a number of sister schools under me. Your team is your family and you have to look out for them first.

BALEIA- What were your most memorable matches in BJJ? Wagney- One time, Leo Viera beat my training partner, and at this time I had a lot of respect for him and his Jiu-Jitsu. We met up at the purple belt Rio State finals, and I won the match 5-0.

BALEIA- Who do you think is the best BJJ fighter for sport Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil and in MMA? Wagney- Ricardo Arona for MMA, he is very tough. And my brother Leo Santos for BJJ.

BALEIA-Who do you think is the best fighter from the Nova Unino team? Wagney- BJ Penn, he understands gi, no gi and mma.

BALEIA- What is your opinion on the new Federation in Brazil and the two world championships?Wagney- Two is good, but one would be better. Having all the best guys together is always better for competition. But it is also time for these young competitors to get paid, they spend so much time training and without financial support you will lose all the best fighter to mma real soon.

BALEIA- What do you think can be done to help Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grow in Canada?Wagney- One good federation with a president that will help the sport grow.

If you would like to contact Wagney for a seminar or training you can send him a email at: info@wagnneyfabiano.com

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