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As we all know Wallid Ismail is one of the most talked about fighters in Jiu-Jitsu today.As we all know Wallid Ismail is one of the most talked about fighters in Jiu-Jitsu today. He has fought and beaten quite a few of the Famous Gracie Family. He seems to have personal problems with everyone in the family but his teacher Master Carlson Gracie. I met up Wallid in Copacabaña at Carlson’s Academy. We asked him about his conflict with Ryan Gracie and with Luca Atalla. He also told me his opinion on a few other topics. Since this is an ‘e-zine’ we are going to convert the taped interview to a .mp3 file you can download.) This way you can hear Wallid’s actual words. We think you will find what he has to say enlightening.

If you haven’t been keeping up with things heres where to follow up. You might like to catch up before you listen. First Ryan and Wallid, we brought you the report from Pepe Beach and an interview with Ryan Gracie. Wallid also recently had an altercation with Luca Attala, the editor of Gracie Magazine during the Abu Dhabi trials in Rio. Luca told us he was upset about a picture that was run of Wallid and his ass was hanging out. Luca and others were wondering why Wallid was yelling in English and not Portuguese? To read up on Luca’s side of the story and what’s been going on go see: Gracie Magazine & ADCC News. Lastly there is the rivalry between the Gracie Families. We can’t understand this rivalry, but Wallid talks about how it started back when he first started training. He has some opinions he will share with you right now. Enjoy. We plan to add some more multimedia goodies.

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