As a follow-up to our previous investigative report, we would like to report the latest development in this series. Team Buhawe Training Camp Head Instructor and Wargods Fight Promotions Matchmaker, Jasper Tayaba, along with the support of the Wargods staff, has been constantly implicated in the unsavory business practices summarized in our previous reports copied below, once again recently crossed the line in terms of Martial Arts Honor and Professional MMA Business Protocol, by attempting to steal fighters from the Death Row Pro MMA Training Camp of Los Angeles. His attempted theft was all based on his false representations in conjunction with the false representations of the entire supporting staff of the Wargods Promotion and Team Buhawe Camp. Mr. Tayaba’s actions were consistent with the numerous past reports from all of the training camps in the region with respect to his continued use of behind the back an d dishonorable tactics to build up the struggling Wargods and Buhawe businesses, as defined by well established standards in the sport of MMA.

However, in this particular incident, Head Death Row Trainer Santiago Shatan, has refused to let Tayaba’s actions slide. Instead, Mr. Shatan has openly challenged Mr. Tayaba to come forward as a man of honor, to face him either in the Cage or in the Street as a means of satisfaction for Tayaba’s clearly dishonorable actions. Shatan on numerous occasions has pressed the issue with Tayaba. Not surprisingly based on the history of the Wargods Promotion and Team Buhawe, Tayaba and company have all run for cover. They all refuse to face Shatan, and continue to provide lies and ridiculous excuses to him to escape having to meet a man of extreme principle and honor, which only serves to validate the code of dishonor which they live by.

Our editorial take on this: “If you engage in dishonor, and then run away in the face of honor, you only dishonor yourself.”

Obviously Tayaba’s behavior and that of the Wargods staff makes a real statement about the values adhered to in the Team Buhawe Training Camp and the Wargods Fight Promotion Company. What kind of statement does it make to the fighters and students when their trainer runs away and is afraid to face a man that he has dishonored?


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Date: Sept. 9, 2008

Subject: Salinas, CA. – Beware of Wargods

Wargods is a Fresno, CA. based start-up fight promotion company specializing in MMA. They have produced one show to date that did not turn a profit. This company is run by Jaime Irachetta and Jasper Tayaba.

Team Buhawe Camp is a Fresno, CA. based start-up MMA Training Camp. This company is also run by Jaime Irachetta and Jasper Tayaba.

Wargods is coming to the Salinas, California area on Sept. 12, 2008 to put on a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fight Show.


Wargods has put on one prior Pro Fight Show, in their home town of Fresno, CA. This show was widely viewed as a huge rip-off for the fans for the following reasons:

The fight card which was advertised to sell tickets was changed just prior to the show, substituing low budget inexperienced fighters and engaging ridiculous mismatches. This of course saved the Promotion money, but cheated the fans.

The Promoters falsified and misrepresented the affiliations and training histories of the fighters, in a desperate attempt to try to promote their own failing training camp.

The Promoters broke California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) regulations by putting fighters on the card which were not approved by CSAC, and as such, had fighters participating illegally in the event. The Promoters have actually cancelled more shows than they have put on. CSAC can verify this per your request for information. We have been told that they never refunded the money for advance ticket sales. This promotion has essentially been run out of town, and this is why they are trying the Salinas area for their next scam.

If you are a fighter or a fight manager, and are looking to place your Fighters on a Wargods Card, BEWARE!! Wargods has a hidden agenda to steal fighters from other camps and managers in order to try to build their fledgling Team Buhawe Camp. Jaime and Jasper have no experience in the fight business. They come from the trucking business. They have falsified their own training credentials and their instructor staff listings. They are trying to build a Pro training camp, but have no advanced level fighters, and have never trained any. Their only chance to build this camp is to recruit experienced guys. But since they have no appreciable resources, they cannot recruit by legitimate means, but only by using behind-the-back theft techniques.

Furthermore, if you book fighters on their events, they will falsify the backgrounds and affiliations of the fighters and claim them as their own fighters, both from the management and training side.

And, if you’re interested in MMA Fight Training, the consistent feedback we get, from even their own Camp Members, is that their Groundfighting Teaching Abilities are “horrendously pathetic”.

Don’t take our word for all of this. Contact their neighbors and they will validate the truth.

Fresno Kickboxing Academy: (559) 325-6621

Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu of Fresno: (559) 322-4084

PureCombat Fight Promotions: (209) 725-0366

Cage Combat Fighting Championships: http://www.cagecombatfighting.com/component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Carlson Gracie Sr. Jiu-Jitsu of California: (800) 536-1029

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