Warrior Fighting-“The First Blow”

Warrior Fighting-“The First Blow”- Bruno Bastos loses by majority, BTT’s Alarcao submits Idealized by the new MMA promoters – Allan Mello and Eduardo Placido – in west-side of Rio de Janeiro’s city; the first edition of Warrior Fighting titled The First Blow took place at Colegio Janeth Gymnasium last April 15th with 9 fights on the card which got the spectators excited. The main-event would mark the return to MMA of featured OTM fighter and BJJ World Championship and World Cup medalist, Bruno Bastos (Nova Uniao), against up and comer Henrique Mello of BUDOKAN Luta-Livre team. Bastos was the main name into the card, and the expectations of redemption from his MMA debut (when he lost) was what the Nova Uniao fans who were in the gymnasium’s seats waited for. Bastos started very good at avoiding Henrique’s reach advantage and controlling the tall Luta-Livre fighter into a clinch. Two knees thrown by Bastos connected with the body and mouth of Henrique, who was not capable of listening what his corner screamed to him due to the noised produced by the crowd. Seconded by Fabricio Werdum in his corner, Bastos took Henrique down and easily dominated the positions on the ground. Catching the back and seeming to have control of the situation, Bastos went to an armbar which didn’t work and opened an opportunity for Henrique to return to his feet and to kick Bastos’ leg. Once again Bastos had the control when took the fight down and a submission seemed to be a question of a few seconds. However it didn’t happen and they went to the second round, where Henrique was a little better than in the R1, and Bastos was a little gassed. Henrique was warned by the referee for kneeing the opponent’s head when the fight was grounded. But the fatigue of Bastos was eminent and he didn’t get to work many tools on this round. Third round was a real nightmare for Bastos, who almost gave-up twice. Henrique played an intense ground and pound and convinced the judges to give him a 10-8 score in third round and earn a majority decision over Bastos. BTT’s member and AFC Brazil’s veteran Maicon Alarcao didn’t have problems in the co-main event against Leandro Mun-Ra of Team Beto Padilha. Mun-ra is a muay thai champion of minor Rio de Janeiro’s leagues, but his striking abilities were the main worry of Alarcao, who traded low-kicks and after feeling Mun-Ra’s abilities, clinched. The first takedown attempts were stopped by the weight advantage that Mun-Ra had over Alarcao. So Alarcao walked back and faked a new trade of blows. Mun-Ra believed on it and went ahead, so Alarcao took him down and got the mount-positionvery quickly. From there a lost Mun-Ra was an easy prey for Alarcao, who punched his face and when Mun-Ra tried to reverse the situation and put Alarcao’s back on the mat, the BTT fighter sunk a triangle and finished the fight in less than 3 minutes of R1. A battle between the lightweight fighters William Parrudinho (BTT) x Wellington Silva (Ruas VT System) excited the crowd. R1 dominated was by Ruas’s pupil almost crushed Parrudinho’s MMA debut. R2 and R3 were in favor of the BTT fighter who conquered a split decision in his MMA debut. Atamina was “the X factor” in the fight where the MMA veteran and wrestler Edson Chulapa faced the last-second replacement Valcenir Chulinha of Ruas VT System. Chulinha was informed about the fight 24hrs prior and he did not have much time to prepare himself. Chulapa used his 3 MMA fights to handle Chulinha in R1 and imposed takedowns and ground situations. Chulinha survived how he could, but the tap out seemed to be eminent. However Chulapa’s stamina went down and during the R2, he suffered some hand-strikes of Chulinha and was taken down brutally. On the ground Chulapa couldn’t defend himself and Chulinha hammer-fisted his face until referee pulled him off to stop the contest. Eyes of tiger in the first MMA match of the night when we looked to Mauricio Reis’ face- focused on demolishing his opponent Vinicius Alves. The tough Reis unloaded a barrage of punches and low-kicks to the warrior Alves, who wasn’t able to proceed by the punishment in R2 and gave-up by verbal submission. The Warrior Fighting staff would like to please the main sponsors which were responsible for the support of the new MMA promotion in Rio’s area- they are: WHKB, RipDorey, Posto AGIP Monteiro, Cantinho do Norte, Fotos Plim-Plim, Guara Point, Fly Remocoes, Auto-Posto 3 Pontos and Sagness Artes Graficas. Without them the success of “the first blow” would have been impossible.

Full Results: Warrior Fighting-“The First Blow” Colegio Janeth Gymnasium – April 15th MMA (3×5 rounds minuts) Mauricio Reis (Mangueira Fight) def.Vinicius Alves(Ruas VT System) por TKO – R3

Cristiano Bananada (BTT) def. Fabio Abreu (Rio Fight)by decision(3-0)

Henrique Mello (Nova Uniao) venceu Erikson “Pivete”Villas-Boas (FST) by rean-naked-choke – R2

William Parrudinho (BTT) def. Wellington Silva (RuasVT System) by decision(2-1)

Valcenir Chulinha (Ruas VT) def. Edson Chulapa(Mangueira Fight) by TKO – R2

Maicon “Hybrid” Alarcao (Libra CT/BTT) def. Leandro

Mun-Ra (Beto Padilha) by triangle – R1

Marcos Henrique (BUDOKAN) def. Bruno Bastos (NovaUniao) by decision(2-0) Lutas de Muay Thai (3×2 rounds – minuts)

Leandro Pinheiro decisioned Mauro PQD


Evellyn Siqueira (Mangueira Fight) decisioned Juliana(Andre Emilio)

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