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Not quite live From the Palace Casino in Lemore, CA WEC Results and Write up Fight 1 Kenny Ento over Jimmy Dexter Fight 2 Jake O’ Brien over Jay White Fight 3 Pat Healy over Tiki Gosen. Missed this fight. Tiki (who is sitting next to me) feels it should be a no contest, and to his credit he doesn’t have a mark on him. Fight 4 Rob MCCulloh vs Olaf Round 1: Olaf seemed to dominate the match, bloodying Rob’s face and hunting the back (without a hook) for most of the match. Rob hangs tough and fends off several submission attempts. Round Rob McCoulugh fires a straight right hand which knock’s Olaf down. Olaf is dazed by defending on his back. Rob fires off a few more shots knock Olaf out cold. Rob by KO in twelve seconds. Olaf is carried off on a stretcher as a precaution. Fight 5 Gabe Ruediger vs Hermes Franca Heremes comes out aggressive, swinging and pushes Gabe to the fence, Gabe escapes. Heremes ties up, gabe backs off. Hermes comes in aggressively swinging, knocks Gabe down, Gabe is on all fours, Heremes attacks, referee Josh Rosenthal stops the bout! Gabe is protesting. Fight 6 James Cottrell vs Antonio Banuelos Round 1 Tie up and exchange, Antonio either slips or is pushed down and winds up on his back. James goes to Antonios guard, but because of a lack of action the referee restarts on the feet. THe two fighters tie up again against the fence, Antonio looking for underhooks before getting a thundeous takedown. Antonio looks to take the back as the round ends. Round 2 Fighters looksing for more on their feet as they trade. James seems to phase Antonio with a punch., Antonio recovers to score a takedown and spends the reminder of the round in side control looking for light strikes as the rounds ends. Round 3 Fighters more aggressive, Antonio looking to land some superman punches and pushes James into the cage. Fighters are striking aggressively looking for the KO, Antonio looks like he thumped James but James reccovers nicely. Antoniop scores a huge takedown. James turtles up and is able to defend well, almost sweeping but Antonio retains control fighters stand as time expires. Unanimous decision for Antonio Banuelos. Loudine Sincaid vs James Irvin Irvin looks for the superman punch, but Loudine avoids and drives for a takedown. Irvin tries to get up, but Loudine takes Irvins’ back. With one hook and Irvin against the cage, Loudine strikes while looking for a choke. Irvin finally gets up, but Loudine works a guilotine. Irvin escapes but Loudine tries to secure a takedown again. This time in Irvin’s guard, who is looking for a submission but Loudine is busy pounding away with heavy shots to the body. Loudine again takes the back and secures hooks! Loudine pounds than looks to flatten Irvin out. Moves to an armbar attempt as time expires. Round 2 Irvin enters with a high kick but gets taken down immediately by Loudine. Irvin moves to an armbar, but Loudine stacks and eventaully moves to half guard. Irvin looks to push himself off the fence, but Loudine exhibiting excellent control, punds away and gets to side control. Irvin escapes again, but into a Lodine guilltonine. Irvin escapes, but cannot prevent a Loudine takedown. Irvin turtles up as Loudine pounds away. Irvin finally reverses and attempting to get to his feet nearly secures Loudine’s back! No hooks hwoever, and Loudine is able to dump him back into Irvin’s half guard. Loudine fires off a knee and allows Irvin to stand. Seems a mistake as Irvin phases Loudine with a kick and takes Loudine down. Irvin looks for an armbar, but Loudine escapes as time expires. Round 3 Irvin backs Loudine into a corner and is succuessfully defending Loudine’s shots now, making him pay for each attempt. Loudine actually looks more winded than Irvin now, who is gaining confidence. Loudine’s shots are longer, and Irvin is looknig for the KO. Loudine more desperate for the KO, and after a long while he gets it and puts Irvin in side control! Loudine is bloodies, but has taken control of the match, but Irvin recovers and the fighters are back to the feet! Irvin misses a high kick and slips, Loudine pounces to side control! Unanimous decesion for Loudine Sincaide. Big change from the somewhat goofy persona he displayed on TUF Season 1, Loudine Sincaid is definitely for real. Joseph Martin vs Tony Alanis Joseph score a big punch, but Tony recovers well. After a tie up, Tony scores a takedown to Alanis’ guard. Martine recovers to his feet and the two tie up against the fence. After a while the fighters seperate and exchange tough blows, Tony shows a tremendous chine absorbing Martin’s punches and kicks but keeps coming. Martins gets a takedown but nothing else happens before time expires. Round 2 Martin jumps out but Alanis recovers well. The two are looking to exhange blows, Martin seems to be getting the better of the exchanges, but Alanis’s chin is made of granite. Now Alanis is stalking and gaining confidence, but MArtins scores a takedown right into a guilotine. Rather than defending, Martins pounds away and eventually escapes. Martins escapes to and executes a foot lock, Tony is eventually forced to tap! Tim McKenzie vs Doug Marshall Fighters are very aggressive. Marshall pushes McKenzie into the corner. Big knee by McKenzie and Marshall goes down. Referee calls the fight as Marshall complains of a groin strike, clutching his groin, but replay shows McKenzie cleanly landing two knees to the midsection. After a doctor checks Marshall the fight is restarted nearly five minutes later! Two exchange, with McKenzie looking angry and Marshall more gun shy. McKenzie with a big take down to Marshall’s guard! McKenzie looking for big blows, but Marshall nearly pulls off a triangle choke. Too loose and McKenzie dives right back into Marshall’s guard, every punch with bad intentions. Marshall is bloodied up badly but still defending and is able to move from half guard to full guard. McKenzie punds away until Marshall is knocked unconcious, maybe a little late as he was simply covering up absoring punishment for the last 10 blows or so! Marshall is okay as he gets up to congratulate McKenzie. Winner by KO is McKenzie. Uriah Faber vs Cole Escovedo Main event! Much props to the WEC for showcasing the lighter fighters, and this bout features the two best 145 pounders in the state and by extension, in the US. Uriah lands a big overhand right and knocks Cole down! Cole recovers to his guard, but Uriah stands, leaning his hips forward folding Cole in half. Uriah looks for a leglock as Cole sweeps! Cole defends the leglock pounding away, but Uriah recovers and puts Cole back in the guard. Uriah is much lower now, trying to push Cole against the fence as Cole looks to fire some short shots and elbows of his own. Uriah now looking to posture to create some space, but Cole doing an excellent job of tying Uriah up. Uriah landing some hard, chopping shots from the guard. Cole looks like he’s cut on the bridge of the nose. Still, Cole tying Uriah up, doing a good job of spreading Uriah’s base. Cole looks for the triangle, Uriah pounds his way out! Round expires, Cole is bleeding a lot, but Uriah’s eye is swollen as well. Brutal round between these two. Round two starts with a low kick from Uriah, Cole responds. Uriah looks for a takedown and sort of pushes Cole down, Cole recovers but Uriah dives into his guard. Big cut in Cole’s hairline, Uriah looking for a big shot but Cole tying up and looking for a submission. Uriah stands and kicks, loooks for a big punch, but stands up again. Uriah looking for kicks, Cole kicking from the bottom but losing a ton of blood. Back to Cole’s guard. Uriah looking for the big shot, but Cole firing right back. Uriah looking to poung, Cole will look for submission but when Uriah defends go right back to guard. Cole still firing back with slicing elbows of his own. Round ends. Cole very, very bloody, but Uriah’s eye is swollen. Cole can barely stand, and the fight is waved off. Uriah Faber wins the bout by TKO after two. Yet another excellent WEC show from Lemoore, CA! Also, word is Gabe Ruediger will be fighting in Pride Bushido in two weeks!

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