WEC XXII Hot August Fights Report

WEC 22: Hot August Fights From Lemoore August 17, 2006 WEC 22: Hot August Fights From Lemoore Robert “Bullet” Breslin vs Andrew “Mickey” Martinez Fight declared a draw after two rounds. Josh McDonald vs Pat Murphy Josh McDonald by a decision. Dan Molina vs Rafael “The Real Deal” Del Real Molina takes the fight to the ground quickly, works some ground and pounds and sinks in a vicious heel hook that hurt DEl Real before he could tap. Molina via Heelhook 43 seconds first round. Clay Guida vs Joe Martin Round 1 Clay Guida punctutates the first round with some big slams, one to start the round, one in the middle, and one to finish the round. Clay manages to achieve mount and transitions to a triangle on the bottom, Martin escapes however. Gumby’s score 10-9 Guida Round 2 Martin tries a flying knee, but Clay catches him and takes him down. The round is highlighted by ground and pound by Clay from within Matin’s guard and half guard. Martin looks for a heelhook late in the round, but time expires in the round. Gumby’s score 10-9 Guida. Round 3 Martin shows some promising stand up to start off the round, however Clay immediately goes for and gets the takedown. Clay is able to achieve the mount at times for an effective ground and pound. Martin tries to rally late in the match but Clay manages to dominate position. As the third and final round ends Martin left eye is swollen shut. Gumby’s score 10-9 Guida. Unanimous decision after three round to Clay Guida. Jeremy Freitag vs Anthony “The A Train” Ruiz Round 1: Freitag initiates the takedown but Ruiz winds up on top. Ruiz pushes Frietag against the fence and pounds, Freitag tries a sloppy heelhook and Ruiz escapes and pounds away. Freitage tries and armbar which looks deep, but Ruiz presses against the cage, stacks well, and escapes. Ruiz is able to pound away from north south position. Freitag is just covering up now, as Ruiz moves to the back and continues to pound away. Frietag rolls to escape and Ruiz follows, the punches don’t seem to be doing as much damage, but Ruiz ends the round with some solid elbows. Gumby’s score 10-9 Ruiz. Round 2: Ruiz drives Freitag straight into side control and the second round picks up right where the first round left off. Ruiz is pretty much able to tee off at will as Freitag offers little resistance. Referee Josh Rosenthal waves the match off. Anthony Ruiz by TKO (referee stoppage) Round 2 2:46 Fernando Gonzalez vs Alex Steibling After some feeling out strikes, Fernando lands a big flying knee that puts Steibling on his back. Fernando pounces, but Steibling somehow recovers and brings the fight back to the feet. After an exchange of knees, Fernando puts Alex on his back again and opens up a huge cut on Steiblings face. The doctor is called in as Steibling is wearing a crimson mask. THe doctor waves off the bout, Fernando Gonzalez takes what has to be considered an upset. Alex shakes Fernando’s hand and quickly exits the ring. Fernando Gonzalez by 2:35 Referee Stoppage (Doctor’s orders) Chris Solomon vs Casey “The Underdog” Olsen Round 1 Olsen gets the takedown right away and puts Solomon right in his corner (which has Chuck Liddell in it). Olsen gets to side control but Solomon holds on tight and manages to regain guard. Solomon manages to get to the feet, but Olsen responds with another big slam. Olson stays on top and grounds and pounds for the remainder of the round, with a flurry at the end which opens a cut over Solomon’s right eye. Gumby’s score 10-9 Olsen Round 2. In between rounds the doctor has a quick look at Solomon’s match, but the fight continues. Olsen scores the immediate takedown to side control, this time in Solomon’s corner however. Olsen grounds and pounds for much of the round, landing short punches punctuated by the big elbow. Slow round dominated by Olsen. Gumby’s score 10-8 Olsen. Round 3: Crowd begins chanting Olsen. Olsen gets a takedown to the center of the ring this time. Olsen continues the ground and pound assauly for the duration of the round. Time expires, with another clear round for Olsen. Gumby’s score 10-8 Olsen Casey Olsen by unanimous decision. Mario Rivera vs Kenny “tha Dragon” Ento The fighters tie up, Ento gets the takedown and gets full mount very quickly. Ento fires some shots and Rivera rolls to his back. Ento has the hooks deep and pounds a little more before beginning to work on the choke. Rivera almost manages to come out the back door, but Ento transitions to an armbar and gets the tapout for the win. Kenny “tha Dragon” Ento Armlock in 2:44 Round 1 Gigo “the Little Animal” Jara vs Poppies “Tachi Kid” Martinez Round 1: After a short period of standup, Poppies gets the takedown. Gigo has Poppies head tied up, but Poppies presses forward and looks to improve his position. Fight goes back the feet with Poppies still locked around Gigo. Poppies drives Gigo back down to the ground, and nearly sicks in a rear naked choke. No hooks, and Gigo escapes. Gigo tries to initiate a leg lock, but Poppies defends and applies a heel hook of his own. Gigo defends, and Gigo winds up on top, able to pound Poppies a bit. Poppies manages to sweep Gigo and establish half mount. The pace of the match slows slightly from here, but Poppies gets to side control and then full mount. Poppies gets in a flurry as time expires. Gumby’s score 10-9 Poppies. Round 2: Poppies looks very tired in his corner to start the match off. The fighters enter trading bombs, briefly interrupted by a choke attempt by Poppies. Poppies is clearly the crowd favorite here, and seems to have regained his energy. Poppies puts Gigo on his back, but Gigo manages to gain full guard. Poppies passes to mount, and gets an armbar from side control. Gigo looks to be in real danger here, but somehow guys it out and escapes. Next the fighters exchange leglock attempts, which winds up with Poppies on top. After a scramble, Poppies takes the back with hooks and gets the rear naked choke for the tapout. Poppies Martinez by submission (rear naked choke). Alex “the Assassin” Karalexis vs Thomas “Wildman” Denny Round 1 Fight starts off with Alex looking to throw bombs and Denny looking for a takedown. Alex defends and the fighters seperate. Denny lands a nice head kick before initiating the clinch again. Clinch stand up, clinch standup is the pace of the match. The fighters push each other from one side of the cage to the other. With thirty seconds to go, Alex pushes and puts DEnny on his back, and looks to pound as time expires. Gumby’s score 10-9 Karalexis. Round 2 continues with the action that punctuated the first one. Denny manages to score a big double leg slam near the cage door, but Karalexis stands back up. DEnny scores another takedown, takes Karalexis’s back and looks for the choke. With only one hook in, Karalexis escapes buts winds up underneath the mount. Karalexis reverses on top, Denny goes for an armbar, but Karalexis spikes Denny on top of his head to get out. THis seems to daze Denny, as Karalexis is now striking at will. Denny turtles up, and Karalexis continues his assault. Denny manages to reverse, but Karalexis reverses one more time as time expires. Gumby’s score 10-9 Karalexis. Round 3 Fighters touch gloves to start the final round. Denny shoots for a takedown, but Karalexis sprawls and winds up on top. Karalexis in Denny’s guard pushes against the fence now. Karalexis works some grounds and pound for the next few minutes, until referee Josh Rosenthal calls for a stand up. Pace is frentic for a moment, until Karalexis shoots for a takedown. Denny holds on to a guillotine, but Karalexis is pushing the match to the fence and gets out. With thirty seconds to go, the fight goes to the feet. Denny looks for a big slam just as time expires. Gumby’s score 10-9 Karalexis. Alex Karalexis wins by unanimous decision. John “the Natural” Alessio vs Alex “Russian Nightmare” Serdyukov Round 1 Fighters touch gloves to begin. Alessio initiates a takedown but Alex defends. This has turned into a very good stand up battle with the two trading excellent punches and knees, but the height of the Russian Nightmare seems to give him an advantage. Alessio drives forward and gets the takedwon, making it to Alex’s half guard. Alex attempts to standup, but Alessio spins to the back. Alessio works to fulls hooks as Alex attempts to bang his head against the mat. Alessio nearly sinks in the choke, but Alex hangs on and Alessio releases the hold. Alex mananages to come up on top, and then manuevers to Alessio’s back! Alessio is trick however and comes back on top. To Alex’s guard as time expires. Good action. Gumby’s score 10-9 John Alessio. Round 2 More great stand up action. Alex uses his knees to good effect and Alessio drives and gets the takedown. Alex works a high guard, the fires off an illegal kick to the face which causes referee Josh Rosenthal to pause the action and issue a warning. Action resumes and Alex goes for the takedown. Alex passes guard to side control. Alessio manages to reverse to Alex’s guard. Alessio stands up then passes to side control. Action makes it way back to the feet and the two exchange again before Alex gets the outside trip and passes to mount. Alex is pounding away at Alessio now. Alessio covers up and deflects most of the damage and the round is over. Gumby’s score 10-8 Alex Serdyukov. Round 3 Stand up exchange and Alessio lands a huge shot which drops the Russian. THe Russian survives, but Alessio comes on top and looks for the kill. Alex somehow manages to get to the full guard, then sets up for an armbar. Alessio defends and pounds his way out, Alessio takes the back, slaps on the rear naked choke and Alex is forced to tap out. Great match. John Alessio wins by submission (rear naked choke). Antonio Banuelos vs Cole Escovedo Round 1 The fighters circle and exchange a few glancing blows. Antonio looks for some head shots and Cole responds with low kicks. Antonio lands a big shots that knocks Cole down, Antonio jumps to Cole’s guard but Cole recovers to guard and the fight goes to the feet again. Antonio lands some more big head shots and Cole drops to his guard. Referee Josh Rosenthal brings the fight back to the feet. Banuelous scores a big takedown, but stands the fight back up again. Cole presses forward, but Antonio responds with some big head shots. Round expires. Gumby’s score: 10-8 Antonio Banuelos. Round 2 Fighters circle with Cole looking for kicks and Antonio looking for head strikes. Antonio gets the takedown to Cole’s guard. Cole pulls his foot up to a rubber guard, but Antonio simply stands up. Antonio lets Cole up and the fight continues. The two exchange strikes, and are moving extremely quickly. The fighters tie up, Antonio slams Cole to the ground and walks away. Back to the feet and the two continue to cricle. Cole misses a big kick and slips, but recovers to his feet. Accidental groin strike to Banuelos pauses the action for a moment. Round continues for another ten seconds or so before time expires. Gumby’s score 10-9 Antonio Banuelos. Round 3 Fighters touch gloves for the third and final round. Banuelous looks for a big takedown and drives Cole to his corner. Banuelos looking to strike from the top as Cole works his guard. Banuelos lands some big knees from within the guard. Cole looks for a submission as Banuelos strikes. Banuelos shifts to half guard. Banuelos pounds his way through the guard as time expires. Gumby’s score 10-9 Antonio Banuelos Antonio Banuelos wins by Unanimous Decision. Doug “the Rhino” Marshal vs Loudine “Vanilla Gorilla” Sincaid. Round 1 Fighters begin by circling one another. The two cautiously exchange strikes for the first few minutes, with nothing damaging landing. Finally Loudine shoots in and ties up, but Marshall punches his way out. Marshall is becoming more aggressive, but Loudine defends well and the fighters continue to circle. Loudine shoots and Marshal sprawls. A slight cut has been opened on the bridge of Loudine’s nose. Marshal very aggressive, but Loudine covers up and evades as time expires. Gumby’s score 10-9 Doug Marshal. Round 2 Round two begins with more stand up action. Marshall is aggressive, but Loudine lands a kick to the midsection that causes Marshall to back off. Marshal lands a big strike that knock Loudine down, a few more strikes with Loudine pressed against the fence add the exclamation mark and referee Josh Rosenthal stops the bout. Doug “the Rhino” Marshal wins by KO in 51 seconds of round 2.

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