What Makes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training So Hard? (And Fun)

What Makes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training So Hard? (And Fun)

Why is jiu jitsu so hard? Here is what I think makes the art so difficult (and incredibly fun) (or better yet Challenging).

  1. Real feedback every night. Every class is typically ended with a live rolling session. This is usually several rounds of grappling with various opponents including everyone from the lowest white belt to blacks belts. If you are not practicing it will show.
  2. It is a puzzle. One of the big aspects of BJJ is developing your game. This is the techniques you use most often and with the highest level of success. I love when I roll against someone that challenges my game and makes me think about how I can improve my game to do better against them next time.
  3. It is very physical. Regardless of your feelings about physical contact you will be working very hard each day you train. You will not just be experiencing resistance, but you will be pushing and pulling against moving bodies. Imagine doing a set of bench press but the bar is moving and trying to push you back.
  4. It is addictive. If you start to get into BJJ (not just doing it, but spending a lot of time off the mat thinking about it) you will sometimes neglect other less important things in your life like video games, tv, etc. This can be a great thing, but it can also impact things like marriages, girlfriends, vacation (BJJ Camp!), weekends, and your finances (tournaments and new gis are expensive).

While these are tough there are so many great things you get back. Friends, fitness, a mindset that improved other parts of your life, and the ability to defend yourself.

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