What’s Next For BROCK LESNAR

Brock will need to open his gym to outsiders, this was the reason he wasn’t prepared for an opponent like Cain. As a survival instinct we form habits that work. In the case of Brock Lesnar, it led to his downfall as the heavyweight champ. His gym "DEATH CLUTCH," located in a remote part of Minnesota, is not open to the public, and discourages any outside participation. Brock trains with a small group of select individuals, although these individuals are elite in their own styles, the amount of variables they present as sparring partners is limited. Brock is a very smart fighter, and as such he finds weaknesses and exposes them. When you train with the same individuals for too long you lose the ability to adapt to foreign situations. His confusion and panic was evident at UFC 121. The Calm and precise striking of Cain Velasquez was something Brock was not prepared for, but more disturbing was the fact that Brock was un-comfortable being un-comfortable. Finding peace within chaos is the object of all martial arts, Brock needs to be put in losing situations often and learn to relax. Only then will he truly be able to funnel his awesome power.   


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