WTKA World Championships of Karate, Italy 2005

Dear Friends,

following our information, it is a pleasure for me as WTKA World Championships promoter, to officially invite you all to take part in our 2005 OPEN WORLD KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS which will take place in VIAREGGIO (ITALY) from 25 to 27 November 2005.

The WTKA International World Championships will include Kumite, Kata, Kobudo, Point Karate and Karate self defence to give all competitors the possibility to make a different experience. Viareggio, a beautiful town on the Tirreno Coast, is in Tuscany region, close to a famous towns like Florence and Pisa, which are always worth a visit!As to the town itself, Viareggio is a sprawling area comprising several districts including the most famous touristic port of Italy (with the more big yachtes of the world), central shopping area and tourist attractions and accommodation mainly along the seafront and adjoining streets. To the south is the area of Torre del Lago (separated from Viareggio by an area called “La Lecciona”, which is a natural reserve area inside the Parco Regionale di Migliarino, San Rossore e Massaciuccoli).Viareggio has known in Italy as the city of the shopping, in this area you can find a street along the beach with more than 4 kilometres of shops.You can find also some of the most prestigious Tuscany restaurants as “Oca Bianca”, “Lorenzo” and “Pinchiorri”.Viareggio is one of most exclusive town in Italy.In Viareggio lives lyric tenor Bocelli, is the city of composer Puccini.At the southern end of the promenade are some of the most interesting buildings. Dating from the early part of the century they have an art deco appearance and are generally well maintained. Mostly they contain restaurants, cafes, gelateria and bars, which also have substantial outdoor seating areas on the marble crazy paved promenade.Viareggio is also very important for the Carnival and every year on February millions of persons arrive to attend at this memorable event.During the night in Viareggio you can find pubs, discos and pubs opened at every hour. In Viareggio area are located the most important and beautiful disco of Italy (for example the “TWIGA”, the disco of Flavio Briatore the manager of F1 Benetton racing team).Viareggio has the most important shops street of Italy. You may walk for 3 kilometres saying the most beautiful and prestogious shops all over the world.Please click here to see some Viareggio pictures: http://www.wtkainternational.it/accomodation.html Next to Viareggio (45 minutes) you can visit Florence called the capital of arts. From the 13th to the 16th century it was a seemingly endless source of creative masterpieces and Italian genius: according to statistics produced by UNESCO, 60% of the world’s most important works of art are located in Italy and approximately half of these are in Florence.Florence stands 50 m. above sea level on the banks of the Arno River, in a hollow surrounded by the first Chianti hills to the south and the Fiesole hills to the north; these hills are green and undulating dotted with small towns and isolated homesteads. A city of art and culture, Florence is the destination of a high proportion of international tourismIt is impossible to mention all the important monuments and artistic attractions as for example: Piazza del Duomo Piazza delle Signoria and Palazzo Pitti.Piazza del Duomo is the site of the principal palaces of religious interest: the Baptistry, a Romanesque building (11th-12th century) perhaps over an older structure, with beautiful bronze doors (14th-15th century by A. Pisano and L. Ghiberti) and mosaics; the Giotto campanile (14th century, 84.7 m high) and the Duomo, in Gothic style (14th-15th century), surmounted by the famous Brunelleschi cupola (15th century), housing works, among others, by Paolo Uccello, Luca della Robbia, Andrea del Castagno, Michelangelo (the Pieta sculpture). In Piazza della Signoria stand the Loggia della Signoria (14th century), decorated with 16th century statues, and Palazzo Vecchio (early 14th century), dominated by the Torre d’Arnolfo (94 m.), with an interesting Renaissance interior. Other monuments include: Palazzo Medici-Riccardi (15th century), Palazzo Pitti (15th century, to a design by Brunelleschi), Palazzo Strozzi (15th – early 16th centuries), Palazzo Rucellai (15th century), Palazzo Davanzati (14th century). Churches include: S. Lorenzo (15th century) with the Sagrestia Vecchia (by Brunelleschi, decorated by Donatello) and the Sagrestia Nuova, housing the Medici family tombs sculpted by Michelangelo, S. Spirito (15th century), S. Maria Novella (Gothic, with fasade by L. B. Alberti), Orsanmichele (15th century), Santa Croce (13th century, Gothic), containing the tombs of Michelangelo, Galilei, Alfieri, Machiavelli, Foscolo and other great men, with the adjacent Cappella dei Pazzi, a Brunelleschi creation (15th century); S. Miniato al Monte (Romanesque, with rich interior). Further attractions are the stupendous Italian gardens at Boboli, created in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the inspiring Ponte Vecchio (14th century). 15 minutes from Viareggio and you will be in Pisa the city of Pending Tower located in Campo dei Miracoli (Piazza Duomo), one of the most famous sights in Italy and the world. Here lies the Duomo (11th-12th century), one of the major examples of Romanesque-Pisan art, with five aisles and housing important works of art such as the pulpit by G. Pisano (early 14th century) and the tomb of Arrigo VII (14th century); close by stands the world-famous Leaning Tower (bell tower, started in 1173), an elegant round construction; the Romanesque Baptistry, to a circular plan and the Camposanto (13th century), unfortunately damaged during the last war, housing extremely fine frescoes (14th and 15th century).Pisa is the town of Galileo Galilei (scientist 1564 – 1642). So I`m sure you will live a beautiful sport event, and also a cultural and joyful experience to spend in Tuscany, one of most beautiful area of Italy. Please visit http://www.wtkainternational.com/karate2005.htm to see the countries taking part to the open World Championships. I`m looking forward to seeing you in Italy soon. Best regardsCristiano Radicchi(WTKA World Championships promoter)www.wtkainternational.it (World championships official web site)www.wtkainternational.com (WTKA International official web site)

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