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Great event from the sold out Culver City Veterans Memorial Center! Pictures coming soon! Check out www.ProSubLeague.com Great event from the sold out Culver City Veterans Memorial Center! Pictures coming soon! Check out www.ProSubLeague.com Begins with an introduction of fighters, presentation of colors by the Marine guard, and the national anthem by Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters. (Yes my girlfriend got to meet him and he was very nice). Head referee Shawn Williams begins an explanation of the rules for the benefit of the audience. First note: Takedown to turtle is worth a point. Those who have been penalized by this should take note. Stalling will result in a yellow card, and a forfeiture of 10% of the fighters purse. THe rest of the rules are fairly standard, but the sold out crowd on hand appreciates the explanation. Match 1 Alan Zborovsky (Red) vs Mac Danzig (Black) Referee Saulo Ribeiro Round 1 After a tie up, Alan shoots for a takedown, but Mac stuffs it. It briefy winds up in Alan’s guard, but Mac stands up. Scramble and Alan winds up on top and Mac works his guard. Alan aggressively tries to pass, but Danzig with a Kimura on the bottom, turns Alan over! Mac scores three as Alan defends, Alan gets out, but Mac goes for the north south choke, gets three more points, and gets the tap! Winner: Mac Danzig by submission in 3:15 Match 2 Shane Rice (Red) vs Jeff Glover (black) Referee Saulo Ribeiro Round 1 Rickson is cornering Shane and Franjinha and Bill Cooper are cornering Jeff Glover. Jeff shoots for a single leg right away, but Shane stuffs it and the are back on the feet. Shane pulls for a single leg, Jeff goes down but no points scored. Back to the feet, and Glover pulls guard. Shane still standing, and opens Jeff’s guard. Jeff once again jumps to guard, Shane remains standing and Glover looks for the sweep. Glover gets the sweep, Shane pops up into triangle choke! Shane slams his way out, Glover complains Shane grabbed the shorts, but the match continues. Shane works the single leg, Jeff defends and jumps to a knee bar! Shane escapes, but three points scored for Glover. Another scramble and to Jeff’s half guard. The two exchange top and bottom positions several times. With 30 seconds to go, Jeff is on the bottom looking for the half guard and time runs out on the first round. Round 2 Crowd is live for the second round, as both fighters hype their fans Shane shoots for a takedown, Glover turtles, spins, and pulls guard. Shane plays tight as Jeff plays a high guard. Shane stands up, Glover opens up and sweeps. After a restart to the center of the mat Shane stands up and Glover immediately jumps to guard. Shane playss heavy, Glover spins, looks for half guard and comes back on top. Shane gets back to the feet and Glover jumps to guard again. Shane forces his way to half guard, Glover has him tied up looking for the sweep. Time expires with Glover playing the bottom and Shane on top. Winner: Jeff Glover 3-0 Match 3 Roberto camargo (Red) vs Rafael Lovato Jr. (Black) Referee Shawn Williams Round 1 Saulo steps off the mat to corner Rafael in this match. The two begin the first match up looking for the takedowns and head tie ups. camargo seizes a leg, Lovato defends, almost gives up his back, but disengages, then shoots for his own takedown! He scores and puts camargo on his back. camargo tries for a front head lock, does not score as camargo escapes. With one minute to go in the first round, the match returns to the feet. camargo shoots for a takedown but Rafael sprawls, front headlock to Peruvian necktie, scores three more, looks tight but time expires!!! Round 2 Once again the fighters tie up and look for takedowns, head control, arm drags, etc. camargo pulls guard and Lovato jumps into it, camargo swings around to upside down, Lovato continues to work from the top. camargo tries a half guard but Lovato is very heavy and looks to pass. Lovato tries the armbar, looks tight, but camargo spins out but the score goes 7-0! camargo shoots for a takedown, Lovato stuffs and tries a front headlock. With one minute to go the match returns to the feet but both fighters push the action. camargo shoots and pulls guard, Lovato has an answer for everything however. Finally camargo goes to his back, and time expires. Winner Rafael Lovato Jr. 7-0 Match 4 Kron Gracie (Red) vs Andy Wang (Black) Referee Shawn Williams There is a lot of heat for this match as supporters for both men are packing the place. Round 1 Fight begins on the feet as both fighters feel each other out. A minute in Kron jumps to guard. Andy looks to pass, and Kron looks for the half guard. THe fighters stand with Kron holding the leg, and Kron scores the takedown! Two minutes to go and Kron is in Andy’s closed guard. Andy opens up and Kron looks for a foot lock. Andy indicated he is not danger, but Kron scores three points. Andy comes on top and Kron pulls a closed guard. With 30 seconds to go, Kron looks for a front headlock, only one hand in and Andy doesn’t appear to be in any danger. Round expires with Andy in Kron’s closed guard. Round 2 Andy shoots for the first takedown but Kron defends. The fighters tie up. A minute in the referee warns both to push the action and Kron jumps to guard. Kron continues to try to pull the hand down as Andy looks to pass. Krons tries to tie up the head, nothing happens. Kron opens up and Andy stands up with ninety seconds to go. Andy is heavy and nearly scores a guard pass, but Kron gets the leg at the last second. Andy remains on top as Kron plays open guard. Andy looks for a knee bar, but Kron rolls right on top. Kron ties a foot up, but Andy pushes off and both fighters to the feet as time expires. Winner: Kron Gracie 4-0 Match 5 Joe Camacho (Red) vs Alberto Crane (Black) Referee Saulo Ribeiro Round 1 Both men are last second replacements, (Joe taking this on with 24 hours notice), but this should a great match. Camacho tries a takedown, Crane sprawls and ties up his head, but the fight gets back to neutral. Crane pulls guard quickly, and sweeps Camacho almost immediately. Camacho to the half guard, Alberto plays heavy and passes almost to mount, scoring a point. Camacho regains the half guard. Match goes back to the feet, Joe tries a takedown, Crane stuffs and gets the Darce choke. Alberto scores three and the choke looks deep, but Camacho escapes and tries to establish half guard again as time in the first round expires. Round 2 The round starts with Alberto trying a takedown and Camacho stuffing the attempt, Camacho looks for a choke but Alberto slips out and puts Joe on his back. To Camacho’s half guard, Alberto passes to mount again to score. This time Alberto establishes the grapevines, plays tight and looks for the armbar, Camacho looks to defend, Alberto gets it! Winner: Alberto Crane 2:09 Armbar Match 6 Vinicius Magalhaes (Red) vs Vladamir Matyushenko (Black) Referee Shawn Williams Vinicius pulls guard right away and Vladdy spins out. Match back to the feet but it’s clear that Pezao does not want to play the takedown game, Vladdy’s willingness to engange Vinicius on the ground is questionable as well. An Russian armdrag by Vladdy send Vinicius scrambling across the mat. Two minutes in and the announcer calls for action, but the pace and story remains the same. Both men are warned by the referee, but with one minute to go the store remains the same. Shawm Williams now formally issues a warning for each. Vladdy circles and stalks and Vinicius circles away. Vladd shoots for a takedown, Vinicius pulls to guard, no points scored. Round 2 Starts off immediately where we left off in round one. A bit more aggressive attempts by both men now, Vladdy gets a single leg and drive Vinicious to the side of the mat, stop before they spill out of bounds ina great show of restraint and sportsmanship. They come to center and this time Vladdy does get the takedown for one point, Vinicius tries a leglock but Vladdy spins out. Both fighters to the feet, Vladdy appears to drive for another takedown, Vinicius pulls guard and no points scored. The match remains in Vinicius’ guard, Vladdy stays very heavy. Vinicius opens up, but Vladdy looks to pass guard now, playing very heavy on top. 20 seconds left to go and Vladdy is standing, Vincious tries a half guard sweep but Vladdy remains heavy, forces Vinicius to turtle and time expires. Winner: Vladamir Matyushenko 1-0 Match 7 Marcelo Garcia (Red) vs Jake Sheilds (Black) Referee Shawn Williams Round 1 Match starts with a tie up. Jake looks to tie Marcelo’s head up, but Marcelo jumps to guard. Jake stands up out of the guard and jumps right back to Jake’s guard. Marcelo looks to come forward, Jake ties Marcelo’s head up, Marcelo looks for a sweep, no points and back to Garcia’s closed guard. Jake attempts to be very heavy, Garcia grabs a leg stands up and gets a single leg takedown for one point. Garcia pushes to half guard, Shields looks to come up but Garcia is heavy on top. jake looks for the single, Garcia gets the Darce choke, rolls on top, Jake is forced to tap out! Winner: Marcelo Garcia by Darce choke 3:40 Match 8 Jacare (Red) vs Randy Couture Referee Big John McCarthy The crowd is amped for the one. Jacare is cornered by an excited Wallid Ishmael and Marcus Vinicius. Randy steps out to a standing ovation. Round 1 The fighters show a lot of respect for each other in circling and teting each other out. Jacare jumps to guard once, stuffed by Randy, jumps to guard again and looks for a half guard sweep. Randy defends and Jacare looks for an armbar. Randy is in good posture and we go to Jacare’s full guard, no points scored. Randy pushes down and Jacare tries tto tie him, moving to butterfly guard. Randy is very heavy on the top, forces his way to half guard with an over hook. Jacare tries for a triangle, Randy stuffs it right away and back to the guard. Jacare spins underneath and looks for a kneebar with 30 seconds to go, Randy remains heavy and forces Jacare to full guard. No points scored. Ten seconds and in a sort of north south position Jacare tries to get a leg as time expires, score remains zero each. Round 2 Randy Couture and Jacare circle each other. Jacare jumps to half guard but Randy spawls then whizzers. Back the feet, Jacare shoots low but Randy sprawl and ties up the head, Jacare rolls to guard. Randy heavy on top, Jacare moves to half guard looking to make something happen but Randy stays heavy, stifling any offense Jacare offers. A minute and a half to go, both men looks tired. Jacare continues to play the half guard game. Jacare spins trying for a knee bar, looking to pull the leg in, but Randy remains on top. Randy looks for Jacare’s back, almost pulls off a twister, Jacare turtles up as time expires. Overtime Both men looks exhausted, Jacare has taken off his shirt. Both men shake hands in the center of the mat. They circle each other cautiously for the first minute, nothing happens and we go to sudden death overtime. Jacare pullsguard and tries to scoot forward. Jacare pulls half guard and Randy engages on top. Randy heavy as Jacare looks for anything. Randy has a leg ties up and time expires and the crowd cheers. Result: DRAW

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