YAMMA winner Travis Wiuff and John Perretti on Carson’s Corner!

Bob Carson is back from the inaugural YAMMA PitFighting Championships event in Atlantic City, NewJersey, and he has some stories to share!

Joining Carson’s Corner this week are two MMAcelebrities: mixed martial artist Travis Wiuff andformer UFC matchmaker John Perretti.

You will hear Wiuff’s thoughts on being crownedchampion of YAMMA’s tournament and what the futureholds for him. Bob was able to catch up with him fora brief word after Wiuff’s three-fight night. Be sureto catch this interesting chat.

A more lengthy interview was conducted with Perretti,who, as usual, has an opinion on everything. Perrettiwas the matchmaker for the UFC until 2001. Beforethat, he made the matches for Battlecade ExtremeFighting. He has been around the sport for years andis not afraid to share his observations. It’s fair tosay that he doesn’t share the perspective of many oftoday’s newcomers to the game.

In addition, Bob breaks down part of the card for UFC83, including Lutter vs. Franklin, Bisping vs.McCarthy and Starnes vs. Quarry. You also won’t wantto miss the Carson perspective on websites likefiveouncesofpain.com. That site earns Bob’s wraththis week and he’s pulling no punches!

Over 3,000 people downloaded Carson’s Corner lastweek! Tune in to hear what you’ve been missing.

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