Your foreplay is strong but Orgasms are weak… lol control vs submissions

Picture this… You are on an all inclusive cruise liner. Beautiful international woman of all races bounce across the deck pool topless with cocktails in hand as music thumps your ears. Beers cocktails and smiles flow worry free while you freely taken the scenic pictures of sun, breast, and tan lines. Close friends, sun kissed skin abound. Now picture the ship has sank, much like the Titanic. Tragically you are stuck in the middle of predator infested waters but last you herd from the Captain before the ship submerged, Coast Guard assured the crew they would be in rout in 10-15 min.

Now I’m not a betting man; No, i have never ever been stuck in the ocean with beautiful topless international women (my fingers are crossed though) My point is…  I bet the majority of people that herd the message from Captain would find it in themselves to make it the 15 minuets had they been assured that’s all they had to do. The flip side of the coin is you don’t know when help is coming at all. There is just you, and the your will to survive. Along with drunken topless women, who breast bob in the ocean like booeys.  If you knew you had to survive and that was all. In your most primal instinct to survive, how long could you really stay out there for?

Whats the difference in the knowing help is coming in 15 minuets and help probably isn’t coming? For me i would say mindset and ability to handle the stress that comes with the fear of the unknown SPOOKY i know.

If you know that you only have to hangout for 15 min then things will go back to normal and get comfortable again. Almost anyone could do it. This is the difference in point grapplers and finish grapplers in my worthless view of how the world makes sense to me ; )

Everyone in the combat sports jiu jitsu/mma realm remembers the Gracie families feelings on the use of time limits and rules. They hate em long story short. (Watch Sakuraba vs Royce Gracies 1 hour and 30 min match in PRIDE where Gracie rules were implemented) These rule which at first just appeared to me as on laundry list of excuses like when you get the "traditional" Karate or Kung Fu guy that says," Yea but, if i where to use my Dim Mac knowledge the fight would have ended the minuet i touch these deadly pressure points. Too bad its far to dangerous to do merely training or in competition." However, now that i am much further along in my progress in the grappling world, It makes far more sense now than it did back when i herd it the first time. I now know what the Gracie clan was alluding to. The epiphany clicked much like that sound advice you vaguely remember hearing the day after you where picked up for public intox and lewdness for riding your sisters bike drunk and naked.I recently competed in The Utah Champions Challenge. The rules are simple, All submissions are legal. No Time limits, No points. (You are going to be in ocean with predators, No help with be coming, its on you to make it.)

At the proposal of you have to finish in order to progress, you would think that marathon grappling matches are the norm, extending far beyond the 6 min time limit that the normal big name grappling tourneys NAGA Grapplers Quest. After a brief conversations with the tournaments promoter, Michael Pease i found out the average match length is roughly 5 min. Now, yes there are you marathon matches. Yes i have witnessed the struggle of two evenly matched competitors who both bowed out at the hour and half long battle of grappling wits and wills. Again you have to keep in mind, "Help" (clock and points) are not coming to help you. 


Point fighting sucks. There i said it.  I will say it again! Points sucks, like a hooker after 1 am on a Saturday. If i wanted to be held down sweaty against my will, i would have committed the hate crime i was planning back  in high school. I have no problems wearing my ass whipping like a man. If you are better than me then, the fact is that. You took me down, controlled the position and submitted me. Good on you! I would rather be finish by submission if you are to finish me. No questions remain, the better person won and it is done . We got in a shoot out and i shot you first, or i was the slow one and died with my gun in my hand. When playing with points its like getting in fire fights with blanks and one live bullet. Your making lots of noise and treating it as if it where real, but really nothing is gonna happen if you last those 15 min till your help (the clock) arrives, or you get shot with the one live bullet you didn’t see coming. Can you say your the better person if your good at holding people down? Well, you where better at controlling yes, you can’t argue that. You are good at getting points, yes. Are you the better grappler though? Maybe, maybe not? That question is the question that rubs me the wrong way after tournaments.  When it comes down to It, if you can control someone in theory you should be able to finish if the old grappling parable holds true."Position before Submission" but if you only do one while kicking my ass please let it be finish me. The whole is wrestling killing mma/ grappling tourneys reminds me of the friends that could always get the phone numbers, but always UN able to break the seal of the chast panties and whats worse is everyone can see that. Your foreplay is strong however you ability to deliver the big O is weak. lol

Well I’m off to go work on some wrestling and boost some of my position holding and submission foreplay now. Till next time like Scott  at OTM says….

Work hard, train hard, fight hard, party hard


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