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San Francisco Cage Fighting…September 9

By Jeff Cairns / August 7, 2006

Hey guys… name is Jeff cairns and I am the promoter for the first MMA show in the San Francisco area September 9 at the Cow Palace. Jake Shields vs. Steve Berger Urijah Faber vs. Randy Spence Nam Phan vs. Jon Gunderson Cassio Werneck vs. Jeremiah Metcalf Brian Ebersole vs. Shannon\” The CANNON\” Ritch Alexander […]


Girls of Jiu-Jitsu calander

By Jeanette Portocarrero / June 17, 2005

I am in the process of putting a girls of Jiu-Jitsu calander together for 2006. Shooting will begin around August. This calendar will be Sports Illustrated style. Before I do so I would like to get some feed back from the Jiu-Jitsu audience. Something like ” Nominate your calendar girl” The proceeds of the calendar […]


William Vandry Interview

By Craig Burt / September 8, 2004

11/16/02Q: What is your history in Martial arts? A: I had been fascinated with Bruce Lee as a child… when I saw he and Dan Inosanto do the nunchaku duel in Game of Death, I was in awe. I think so many of us were inspired by Bruce because here in the U.S. we had […]


Garth Taylor Interview

By OntheMat / September 7, 2004

5/1/00OTM: How long have you been training Jiu-Jitsu? GT: I have been training for five years. OTM: Have you been training with Claudio Franca the whole time? GT: Actually, I trained with someone else for about six months. Then Claudio moved here and I have been with him ever since. OTM: How did you find […]


Carlao Santos Interview

By Scotty OTM / September 7, 2004

7/3/02OTM: What is your position at AABB with the Brazilian Top Team?CS: At present, I serve as the head professor & competitor at Top Team. My fellow teammate and partner, Olavo Abreu, & I teach the gi classes at BTT. We manage the complete gi program. We have been entrusted with this program by Bebeo, […]


BJ Penn Interview

By Danny Do Nothing / September 7, 2004

9/2002DDN: So now that you are a very experienced fighter with 5 UFC fights under your belt. How has your training program changed as well as your mental preparation? BJP: I train a lot smarter now. Now, I don’t always try to push real hard all the time in the gym. I just try to […]


BJ Penn Interview 2000

By Scotty OTM / September 7, 2004

BJ Penn 2000Grapplers Quest West took place on October 7, 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The biggest match of the event was the super fight between World Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu Champion Bj Penn and Light weight Abu Dhabi qualifier Mike Cordosa. Here is a video interview with BJ including his Pancrase fight, Mundial footage and […]


Blake Grice Interview

By Rebecca Motte / September 7, 2004

1/26/02Rebecca: I would like to start by congratulating you on your wins at the ISCF Submission Grappling Tournament on January 26, 2002 at Ray Thompson’s Upstate Karate in SC. Can you tell us a little about some of your fights? Blake: Thank you! There was some great competition there and I was very happy to […]


Pan Ams 2003

By Scott Proffitt / September 6, 2004

Off to Santa Barbara we go to the very first Pan Am’s out here on the West Coast since the first one! Off to Santa Barbara we go to the very first Pan Am’s out here on the West Coast since the first one! I was so excited not only was I going to cover […]

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