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Where Victor Belfort WRONG When Mounted

By Scotty OTM / June 3, 2015

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Mount Escape and Punch Defense For MMA with Rickson Gracie Black Belt Henry Akins Many BJJ enthusiasts were unimpressed with Victor Belforts BJJ technique against Chris Weidman.  Here Henry Akins reviews simple techniques that make a huge difference. The basic premiss is your opponent on top in the mount needs to be uncomfortable […]


Roger Gracie, Armbar From Cross Collar Setup

By Scotty OTM / October 16, 2014

Guess who’s back? Roger Gracie hasn’t competed in jiu-jitsu since Metamoris 1 in 2012 since! Roger Gracie  been focusing on his MMA career; however, he has intentions of returning to compete in super fights come next year. If you’re not in the know of who Roger Gracie is he’s a 14x World, (most of those at […]


BJJ Technique Tuesday Basic Butterfly Sweep From The Guard

By Scotty OTM / September 30, 2014

Gracie Barra’s Flavio Almeida breaks down the Basic Butterfly Sweep from the BJJ Open Guard. Flavio Almeida known has Cachorrinho which means little dog in Portuguese is one of the top competitors to ever come out of world famous Gracie Barra. I was lucky enough to get a lot of mat time with him back […]


BJJ Wrist Lock from Closed Guard by Fabio Santos

By Scotty OTM / August 19, 2014

There are a lot of sneaky moves in BJJ but this Wrist Lock by Red & Black Belt Master Fabio Santos is one of the sneakiest. There are a lot of old school wrist lock masters Oswaldo Alves, Sergio Penha, Fredson Paxiao and Jacare.  This move seems to have been forgotten in BJJ. At least […]

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