Man Helps Cops CHOKE OUT Assailant: Did He Go TOO FAR?

So… Picture this… 3 cops are trying to get a man to come with them, the man refuses and starts to fight the cops, each cop takes a turn trying to use his particular physical gifts to subdue, each cop fails and they’re beginning to feel unsure about how they’re going to arrest this man. This whole thing seems FAIRLY familiar, right? Well, now picture this, a bystander previously unnoticed, jumps into to help, takes the guy down, takes his back and rear naked chokes him. All fairly deserved, considering the mans previous actions. Where it seems to get sketchy for some people though, is where he chokes the assailant out, meaning¬†unconscious. Is he deserving of THAT? Is the choker-outer justified in doing so? Watch the video and see for yourself.

Well… That was interesting… I’m always torn between applauding the good deed of someone stepping in and then the excessive amount of force that they sometimes use. So what do you think? Did the heroic bystander go too far in his attempt to help? Are the lengths he went to in order to subdue the other man justified? You decide.

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