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UFC 194 Predictions

By Scotty OTM / December 5, 2015

JosĂ© Aldo vs. Conor McGregor  This is an interesting fight as Aldo has had notoriously hard weight cuts and now he does not have the use of an IV. McGregor not he other hand has professed an interest in going to Lightweight as well, but he has not shown he fatigue that Aldo has in […]


UFC Announced Big December Fights

By Scotty OTM / September 5, 2015

The UFC has been on a hot streak of announcing big fights for the promotion, but that has not stopped. While everyone is waiting to hear the Fedor has been signed there is nothing to announce yet the UFC still has been filling up their December cards with some big fights. In fact, there is […]


UFC 189 Shakeup After Injury

By Scotty OTM / June 23, 2015

UFC 189 is tracking to be one of the biggest events in a long time for the UFC but could a last minute injury change that million PPV buys? UFC 189 could potentially do over one million Pay Per View Buys according to UFC president Dana White but the card suffered a potentially disastrous injury […]