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John Danaher Explains How He Built Up His Incredible Leg Lock Game

By Moses Marasco / August 17, 2017

John Danaher’s become somewhat of a big name in jiu jitsu, one because of his amazing technique, two because he’s one of the most well-known Renzo Gracie black belts and, probably the biggest reason of all, is because of his involvement with the jiu jitsu training of some of the most high-level MMA athletes on […]


Angry Curmudgeon Lashes Out At Conor McGregor During Media Scrum

By Moses Marasco / July 12, 2017

This is what the phrase ‘LOL’ was made for… And yes, the “angry old curmudgeon” in the title is referring to none other than Floyd Mayweather Sr… Sorry Floyd. Moving on, Floyd Mayweather Sr. to sort of “crash” a Conor McGregor media scrum, he had some choice words for Conor and in return, Conor also had some […]


Former CEO: Lorenzo Fertitta Was Under Oath… Then He Said THIS…

By Moses Marasco / June 29, 2017

Oh… Lucy (Lorenzo) you got some ‘splainin’ to do… I Love Lucy fans? Anyone? Anyone at all? All right then… Anyway, now that the bad jokes are out of the way, let’s get to the “good” stuff, the stuff about the antitrust lawsuit being filed by some well known former UFC fighters, such as Cung Le, […]


Nik Lentz Goes On Anti-BJ Penn Twitter Tirade: “You’ve Made Yourself A JOKE”

By Moses Marasco / June 27, 2017

It all starts when, 6 hours ago, Nik Lentz tweeted this: Hey, fella…. @bjpenndotcom — Nik Lentz (@NikLentz) June 27, 2017 Here’s the collection of utter chaos (hyperbole) that ensued afterwards. Then Mr. ‘Stormin’ Norman Parke decided to try intervene with what I think is a warning […]

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