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UFC 183 Predictions: The Main Card

By Scotty OTM / January 27, 2015

UFC 183 PREDICTIONS¬†has the return of the former Middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva s he takes on former title challenger Nick Diaz in a big fight for the UFC. UFC 183 PREDICTIONS¬†also has many other big fights on the main card which all could end in spectacular finishes. UFC 183 PREDICTIONS: The Main Card Anderson Silva […]


UFC 183 Predictions: The Undercard

By Scotty OTM / January 26, 2015

UFC 183 Predictions: The Undercard will tell you who we think will win on the untelevised portion of this card. A card so big it needs two articles. UFC 183 Predictions has a potential number one contenders fight all the way down on the undercard. Demetrious Johnson will be watching very closely. UFC 183 Predictions: […]