Wild Bill’s Fight Night Tomorrow Night – War Machine Pulls Out Due To Staph Infection!‏

War Machine Relies on Twitter, Not A Phone Call, To Pull Out of Wild Bill’s Fight Night!

While social media is gaining more popularity every day, the staff at Wild Bill’s Fight Night in Duluth, GA would like to take this time to let MMA fighter War Machine know it’s still common courtesy to PICK UP A DAMN PHONE when no showing for work! Finding out via someone’s Twitter page is definitely not the proper way to pull out of a job assignment!

War Machine signed a contract on March 9 to headline this Saturday night’s Wild Bill’s Fight Night. In the five weeks since signing the contract War Machine has gone on to offer his kidney, liver and sperm up for sale on Ebay. He’s stated on his Twitter page how he’s turning his life around and how he is attending church. Changing his Twitter page to state “’I’m a warrior. Made a lot of mistakes but that’s life. I learned from them and now I’m gonna climb to the top!”

Soon after he was arrested in a San Diego club and got a spit bag put on his head and received worldwide exposure on TMZ.com.

Now the icing on the cake for this MMA fighter turned porn star turned no-show MMA fighter is a pure refusal to call, text or email the promoters for Wild Bill’s Fight Night, but instead post on his Twitter account how he’s got a staph infection and won’t be showing up for the fight.

Not even his management group could figure out exactly what was going on with War Machine as recently as 24 hours before the weigh-ins.

“In my eight plus years of promoting fights, I’ve never had a fighter back out of a fight without even having the respect to call us and apologize,” said Wild Bill’s Fight Night co-promoter David Oblas. “I’ve heard every excuse in the book why fighters have pulled out of fights and oftentimes we hear about it from others before actually getting a call from the fighter himself. But this is the first time that a fighter has simply not returned our phone calls or texts, simply ignored us, only to post on his Twitter page that he’s got a staph infection.

“We’ve often times given fighters second and third chances. Without delay, this morning we asked the Georgia Athletic & Entertainment Commission to add him to the national suspension list and they obliged. War Machine will not be allowed to fight in the United States until he pays us the money he owes us for his airfare and the money we are paying his opponent, Tex Johnson. The debt he owes to us is nearly $3,000.

“Our last main event fighter, Junie Browning, is regarded as a bit of a loose cannon. War Machine did a fine job of making Junie look like an angel.”

Amy Lynn Hoch, co-promoter with Oblas and CFO of Wild Bill’s Atlanta added, “Not to mention that War Machine allowed Tex Johnson to train for weeks getting ready for such a talented challenger, all for nothing. And, you know, shit happens, but a phone call or a text in reply to my asking him to still come and at least show his face and let our doctor help treat him would have been all that was needed to remain in the good graces of all. Maybe his dog ate his phone. My apologies to Tex and our fans for believing that everything was “ok” after the arrest – RED FLAG! Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Despite the loss of War Machine and his spit bag, this Saturday’s Wild Bill’s Fight Night will still feature a dozen fights featuring some of the Southeast’s premier MMA talent including Dustin Chovanic, Joe Merit, Andrew Montanez, Sean Kilgus, Johnny Buck and several more. There will also be boxing on the card, a first at Wild Bill’s in more than four years, as the NABF Cruiserweight Championship is on the line!

Wild Bill’s Fight Night is regarded as one of the top MMA promotions in the Southeast averaging 3,000 fans per show. http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0E00445A868C738E?artistid=1295072&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=830

Doors for this Saturday open at 7:30 pm and the fights begin at 8 pm EST. Tickets are $25 at all Ticketmaster locations or $30 at the door.

All the fights can also be viewed LIVE online at www.GoFightLive.tv

Wild Bill’s is located at 2075 Market Street, Duluth, GA 30096.

For more information visit www.FullThrottleMMA.com  or www.UndisputedProductions.com .

The full fight card is below:


Joe Merit (11-9-1) vs Andrew Montanez (10-11): 172 lbs

Dustin Chovanic (5-1) vs Dwayne Taylor (3-2): 174 lbs

Sean Kilgus (1-3) vs Johnny Buck (4-5): 185 lbs

Philip Schenuk (0-1) vs Andrew Higgins (1-0): 137 lbs


Yahya McClain (25-7-2) vs Jason Robinson (18-5) for the NABF Cruiserweight Championship: 200 lbs


Sean Wilson (2-1) vs Stephen Upchurch (2-2): 157 lbs

Brad Cole (1-2) vs Eric Heegard (3-3): 175 lbs


Shea Taylor (0-0) vs Kevin Keller (0-0): 162 lbs

Lee Cain (2-0) vs Joey Ward (1-0): 157 lbs

Will Bolt (1-0) vs Rusty Riddle (0-1): 172 lbs

Seth Colwell (0-1) vs Gabe Letherman (0-0): 172 lbs

Steve Wicinski (0-0) vs Eric Castro (0-0): 160 lbs

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