UFC 190 Predictions

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UFC 190 Predictions: Main Card

UFC 190 Predictions

Ronda Rousey (11-0-0)(-1425) vs. Bethe Correia (9-0-0)(+1075)

At this point does anyone really bet against Rousey? Honestly she has finished everyone in her way and done it generally int eh first round. Now, she faces another undefeated fighter, but this is also a fighter who barely made it past Julie Kedzie in her debut. She has decent standup but Rousey has knockout power and Correia is more of an overwhelmer with her punches. Look for Rousey to make mince meat of Correia with a first round knockout by ground and pound.
Mauricio Rua (22-10-0)(-179) vs. Antonio Nogueira (21-6-0)(+158)
Both of these fighters are over the hill and nearing retirement, but one might have had something devastating happen to their career. It is not for sure, but Rua’s chin may be gone. Plus, he just hasn’t looked great in his last few fights. He could still catch and knock out Nogueira, but that probably own’t happen. Nigeria can slow play the fight and wear Rua down for a decision.


Antonio Nogueira (34-9-1)(+150) vs. Stefan Struve (25-7-0)(-190)
Struve should win this fight no problem. He has the reach to keep Nogueira out of range, the knockout power to finish him, and the ability, to maybe not submit him, but to do damage and  keep himself out of danger. Look for Struve to return to form with a TKO in the second round.

Antonio Silva (18-7-1)(+155) vs. Soa Palelei (22-4-0)(-195)
Sila seems to have had his chin worn away after multiple vicious knockouts. In fact, he was knocked out in his last four losses all in the first round. Palelei’s most recent losses came by people who are high level wrestlers. He will be able to take Silva down, drop some bombs, and knock out the former title challenger.

Jessica Aguilar (19-4-0)(+185) vs. Claudia Gadelha (12-1-0)(-265)
Aguilar is a good fighter but the issue here is that she has not fought someone as good as Gadelha. Aguilar usually uses her wrestling to dominate people, but Gadelha is really strong and has shown to be one of the toughest girls in the division. This is true just based on her performance against the current champion. Add into that Aguilar may have Octagon jitters which spells out a win for Gadelha by decision.

UFC 190 Predictions: Prelims(Fox Sports 1)

UFC 190 Predictions

Demian Maia (20-6-0)(-125) vs. Neil Magny (15-3-0)(+150)
Maia seems to be a one round wonder at this point. Yes, he did just win a decision, but when he faces most fighters he can completely dominate them in one round. If they can outpace him in the second and third usually he loses. Many has improved tremendously and as long as he can stay out of trouble in terms of Maia’s grappling, he can have a distinct advantage. In fact, look for Magny to earn a TKO in the third round.

Rafael Cavalcante (12-5-0)(+150) vs. Patrick Cummins (7-2-0)(-190)
Cummins has the wrestling to take Cavalcante down and that will shut down Cavalcante’s game down. Cummins has the superior wrestling and ability to avoid trouble on the feet. He will take his opponent down and pound him out in the first round.



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