2007 Midwest Grappling Open

Strong Style Fight Team and East Coast Martial Artspresent the “2007 Midwest Grappling Open”

12/13/06 – Cleveland, OH: The Strong Style Fight Teamin conjunction with East Coast Martial Arts is pleasedto announce the 2007 Midwest Grappling Open. Thistournament is scheduled for Saturday, January 27th,2007 and will be held at the Progressive Martial Artstraining facility (home of the Strong Style FightTeam) located in Independence, Ohio……just 15 minutessouth of Cleveland. The 2007 Midwest Grappling Openwill be the first ever submission grappling tournamentof it’s kind to be held on the North Coast and will beopen to competitors of all age groups and skilllevels.

“With the growth of sport jiu-jitsu and submissiongrappling globally combined with the number of greatmartial arts camps in our region; it only made senseto bring them all together for what we feel will be aday of spirited competition among friends in thesport.” said founder and head trainer of the StrongStyle Fight Team, Marcus Marinelli.

Steve Hindman, owner and cheif instructor of EastCoast Martial Arts in Canton, has little doubt thatthe tournament will be a welcome addition to the area,“Up until recently any competitors looking to testtheir ability would be forced to drive out of state orfly to the west coast for a tournament. We want toprovide our students and competitors in our region theopportunity to compete close to home and in an eventthey know will be organized and properly run.”

The tournament will include twenty three divisions inall including an absolute division and children’sdivisions featuring “position grappling” a new conceptcreated by Marinelli and Hindman aimed towards theyouth of the sport. “In position grappling there willbe no tap outs or submissions for kids eight years oldand under” said Hindman. “Kids will be judged on theiraggressiveness, technique, effort and sportsmanship todetermine the winners which we feel will encouragechildren to stay involved in the sport andcompetition”. All competitors in the “positiongrappling” divisions will receive awards for theirefforts.

The 2007 Midwest Grappling Open will be joining forceswith “The Online Voice of the Fight Fan”, PKW Livewhich will offer full coverage of this anticipatedevent. For additional information or to pre-registerto compete, log onto to www.Prokarateweekly.com toaccess the tournament information page andregistration section. Competitors can also call MarcusMarinelli at 216-520-0271 for more information.

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