2007 WTKA World Championship of KARATE


We officially introduce you the next WTKA World Championship of Karate.

2007 WTKA World Championship will be held in Italy Marina di Carrara a beautiful location on the sea from 18th to 21st October. Competitions will start officially 18th October after the Opening Ceremony.

Delegations arrivals: 15th, 16th and 17th October.

You might already know that, the day prior to the start of the event, Referees Seminars will be held to define the guidelines for refereeing.

The Opening Ceremony will be more great than the last years. We are reserving a lot of surprises on that occasion.

The Sport Halls is “Carrarafiere” complex.

It is a great innovative building with more than 30.000 cover square metres. It is famous all around the world thanks to its services and events that are organized inside.

Marina di Carrara is located in Tuscany in the middle between Sea and Alpi Apuane mountains. Alpi Apuane are famous all over the world for its pure white marble the only one in the world.

It is the marble that Michelangelo Buonarroti used to create his masterpieces.

Carrara white marble is presents all over the world, in buildings, houses, monuments, streets etc..

So you will have the concrete opportunity to see and visit the Alpi Apuane.

We are in fact organizing also some visits free of charge with the bus on the Alpi Apuane for all Delegations.

You will find the most beautiful towns, discos, pubs and shops to enjoy yourself.

In order to attend the Championships remember to make your hotel reservation through the promoter. Hotel 3 stars located in Marina di Carrara, Marina di Massa and Versilia areas with continental breakfast and dinner included. It is also included the transportation from Hotels to Sport Hall every competitions day from the morning until evening and free entrance to the Sport Hall for the followers.

These the WTKA Karate World Championships specialties:

KATA – KUMITE – KARATE SELF DEFENCE – KOBUDO – POINT KARATE – IAIDOWe are working hard to organize our best World Championships yet! We are waiting for more than 1000 Competitors from 52 countries from the 5 Continents.

But you will find not only competitions but also Examinations, Stages, Seminars, Exhibitions, Martial Arts films projections, and everything connected to the Martial Arts world!

The Event will be also a great Martial Arts Festival to make not only the great experience of fighting but also other beautiful experience all together from 5 continents! It will represents the union that Sports but above all Martial Arts may give to their children, men and women.

We will inform you all about the World Championship detailed info in few days. We are in fact preparing the Official website about the Championship. Here you will find all detailed info about the location, competitions rules, classes and categories registration form and hotel booking form.

We are sure you will participate with great Teams from every country to this unforgettable Event!

Next World Championships will represent the consecration of WTKA Federation!

Our Staff is always available for any queries you may have.

Official websites: www.wtkainternational.comwww.wtkainternational.it

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See you all in October!President Michele PanfiettiVice President Cristiano Radicchi

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