2013 Gracie Open Registration Opens

 The Gracie Open for this year has opened and now people can register. As of right now it sits at $75 to register for just gi or No-Gi, but if you want to compete in both it just cost $100. That is not bad considering you will get to compete in two different tournaments for $50 a piece. The event will take place on August 3rd in San Francisco at the Kezar pavilion. The prices will go up on July 24th at midnight so be sure to register before then as you will pay $10 after. As with most tournaments, the Gracie Open will follow the iBJJF rules, but with the changes that advantage points will be given for near guard passes, near sweeps, and near submissions. So, check this tournament out if you are in the area or if you want to test your skills while having a vacation in San Francisco.


To Register for the Event click Here!

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