2nd Arizona Grappling Challenge

Marc Laimon checks in from the 2nd Arizona Grappling Challenge. Visit Marc’s website at www.MarcLaimon.com

A quick report from Marc Laimon about the event: Gazzy popped her foot with the toe hold, but Grapple Girl ate it and did not tap. I think the score was 10 x 0. Mark Bierie closed his division with Mike Mendosa, Mark and Mike submitted all their opponents. (mark head and arm, and Kimura. Mike had 2 armlocks from the guard. He also had fasted submisssion 39 seconds I believe) Mike Bland won the no gi under 147. He had a 40 second flying armlock, and a 52 second omaplatta. He avenged his second place finish in the gi beating the guy who beat him. Dave Gunter won the heavy weight no-gi using his patnented 1/2 guard technique. Dave also had a strong gi showing taking third. Randy (don’t know his last name) won his first ever gi competition. submitting his first opponent, adn beating his next opponenets on points. Over all it was a great tournament. Open divison winners recieved prizes as well as fasted submission. Tournament started on time, and all competiodprs got t-shirts as well. And the offical results/press release: Adult Teams Results: 1st Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao – 49 pts. 2nd- Megaton Jiu-Jitsu – 33 pts. 3rd- Santa Fe BJJ – 19 pts. 4th- Ultima -11 pts. 5th- Laurita BJJ- 9 pts. Kids Teams Result: 1st- Megaton Jiu-Jitsu – 27 pts. 2nd – Asher Combat Academy & Corona’s – 9 pts. 3rd – Absolute & Laurita – 3 pts. SUPER FIGHTS: Marc Laimon defeated Christophe Leininger by submission (toe hold) Gazzy Parman defeated Michelle Farrow by points. AZ Grappling Challenge was Sponsored by: HCK Kimonos (www.howardliu.com), Hardcore (www.hcfightgear.com), Sambazon (www.sambazon.com), Tokyo Stop, Fighterschat.com Thanks for all the schools: Arizona Combat Sports/ J-sect Jiu-Jitsu, Megaton, Laurita BJJ, Absolute Martial Arts, Machado JJ, Alberto Crane, The Ultima, Ventura JJ, Zee Jiiu-Jitsu , Corona’s, Relson Gracie, Leininger Dojo… WHITE BELT 147 lbs 1- Estevan Nanez (Ultima) 2- Steve McDonald (Ultima) 3- Mike Stein (Megaton) 160 lbs 1- Lucas Elliot (Corona’s) 2- John Vieira (Corona’s) 3- Marc Gasbarra (Laurita) 173 lbs 1-Randy Haver (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 2-David Costen (Leininger) 3-Brenden Roberts (Ultima) – Fastest Submission Winner (17 sec.) 187 lbs 1- Pablo Brissete (Santa Fe) 2- Fletcher Sievers (Santa Fe) 3- Chance Ward (Ultima) 202 and Over 1- Brenden Richardson (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 2- Earl Robinson (Laurita) Open 1-Fletcher Stevens (Santa Fe) -HCK Kimono Winner 2-Brenden Richardson (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) BLUE BELT 147 lbs 1-Destin Simmons (Megaton) 2-Mke Bland (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 160 lbs 1-Mike Duke (Megaton) 2-Jeff Pearson (Megaton) 3-Bob Meiman (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 173 lbs 1-Jesse Sulivan (Megaton) 2-Michael Graeber (Megaton) 3-Jay Pages (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 187 lbs 1-Gene Folgo (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 2- Mike Lin (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 3- Abraham Heward (Relson Gracie) 202 lbs 1- Sal Azuela (Laurita) 2-Jorge Garcia (Relson Gracie) 3-Dave Gunter (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 203 and over 1-Tait Fletcher (Santa Fe) 2-Andy McDonald (Ultima) 3-Jason Miller (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) Open 1-Tait Fletcher (Santa Fe) – HCK Kimono Winner 2-Mike Lin (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 3-Nick Sliger (Laurita) SUBMISSION WRESTLING 147 lbs 1-Mike Bland (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 2-Destin Simmons (Megaton) 3-Sean Seymore (Megaton) 160 lbs 1-Mike Mendoza (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 2-Mark Bieri (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 3-Mike Duke (Megaton) 173 lbs 1-Michael Graeber (Megaton) 2-Jerry Parson (Megaton B) 3-Jesse Sulivan (Megaton) 187 lbs 1-Gary Matsch (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 2-Anthony Perkins (Megaton) 3-Eli Trujillo (Leininger) 202 and over 1-Dave Gunter (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) 2-Brian Ryan (Megaton) 3-Jason Miller (Az Combat Sports/Nova Uniao) WOMEN white belt 1-Coryell Holmes (Ventura) 2-Shaylen Lawson (Z Jiu-Jitsu)

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