3X BJJ World Champion Rafael Lovato Jr. Pressure Passing DVDs On Sale


 It’s finally here!!!!! Lovato’s New Pressure Passing DVDs

3X World BJJ Champ Rafael Lovato Jr. has finally released his new Pressure Passing 4 Disc DVD Series.

He is only releasing a very limited number for the holiday’s so make sure you get in there and grab it before it is gone.

Check It Out Here >> http://btfy.me/c4x9vw


The Foundation  – How to set up for all our passes with the headquarters. Learn the fundamentals of passing, so you won’t feel confused in the guard again


Pressure Passing  – Utilize Jr’s entire pressure passing game,x pass, butt flop pass, cross pass, side smash, plus so many more. This is frighteningly simple to understand, and so effective. Your training partners will be shaking their heads after you smash through their guards like a hot knife through butter.


Disc #1 Pressure Passing 

Disc #2: Forcing The Half Guard 

Disc #3 Submission Hunting

Disc #4 Competition Breakdowns


Order Now & Get 4 Free Bonuses! >> http://btfy.me/c4x9vw 

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