4. Outsider-Cup Freefight

The 4. Outsider Cup in the Freefight for newcomers! After the past successfull events of the OC CUP SERIES, we organize on 18th June 2005 the 4. Edition of the OC Cup in the master gym arena in duisburg/germany (if beautiful weather as open air meeting)! The OC 4 is a Tournament, which is delivered for MMA newcomers (0-5 ValeTudo fights). The newcomer-event is delivered approx. at 12 o’clock at noon to begin and in a large Octagon!…

Read the entire text here: http://www.outsider-club.de/oc-cup

ATTENTION – do not forget!!!!

21 May 2005 in Duisburg/Germany in the Scania arena the MFN Masters Fight Night!http://www.masters-fight-night.de

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