4th Annual Maui Jiu-Jitsu Open Tournament – July 28th, 2007

It is our great pleasure to invite you and your organization to attend and compete in the 4th annual Maui Jiu-Jitsu open Tournament. The event will take place on Saturday, July 28, 2007 at the War Memorial Gymnasium in Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii. We also welcome back all who attended last year’s event. We expect this year’s tournament to be even larger, with bigger and better competition!

Competition will consist of matches in all belt levels and weight divisions with medals, trophies, and prizes to the winners as well as the always competitive team competition, with trophies and prizes to the top three teams. As with the growth of our sport, we at Maui Jiu-Jitsu are always striving to expand and improve on our tournament. At this time, we are planning to hold several exhibition matches between black belt competitors. Anyone locally here who are interested – please contact us.

Due to the growth of our tournament, we are implementing a new registration and weigh-in system to help facilitate a timely start and finish to the event. Please pay close attention to the changes made in order to ensure an enjoyable and problem free tournament experience.

Registration and entry forms:Registration may be done by mail, or online at our website. Entry forms must be received no later than Wednesday, July 25, 2007. A late fee of $20 will be assessed to all applications received after the deadline. The decision was made to implement this system in order for us to be able to have all brackets made and posted prior to the event without having to weigh competitors prior to the event.Please mail all completed entry forms to: 732 Makaala Drive, Wailuku, Hi. 96793. Don’t forget to include a phone number if we need to reach you and make sure you check the weight class you want to compete in.

We are also offering a deal for any school that brings more than 10 students, they will receive 1 free entry for a student from the same school. Similarly, if any school brings skilled and reliable referees we will waive the entry fee for a student from the same school.

DOWNLOAD ENTRY FORM IN PDF FORMATWeigh-ins:Competitors will be weighed prior to their matches. All contestants must ensure that they meet the weight limits for their respected weight classes or forfeit the match. There will be no moving up to the next weight class if weight is not met.. Please be sure to make your weight! – no exceptions! If you have any questions, please feel free to call Luis or Lee at the numbers listed, or email us. It is our hope that you will join us in the spirit of friendly, fun competition and to further promote the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Divisions:Adult, Kids, Women, MastersAll Weight Divisions, All Levels.Medals for 1st and 2nd place, (All kids receive medals!)Individual Achievement Awards, prizes and trophiesTeam competition trophy and prizes

Competitor Fees: (Includes T-Shirt)Adults: $60 Kids: $30 (Make checks payable to: Maui Jiu-Jitsu)

When:Saturday, July 28, 2007

Location:War Memorial GymnasiumKaahumanu Avenue, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii

Event Schedule:Wednesday, July 25, 2007 – APPLICATION DEADLINE! – $20 late registration fee9:30 – 10:00 am Opening Ceremonies and rules briefing.10:00 am Start of Competition. All competitors to be weighed prior to their matches.


Lee TherosEvent CoordinatorPh. (808) 298-7698Email: mauibadboy@aol.com This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Luis “Limao” Heredia Head Instructor – Maui Jiu-Jitsu Ph. (808) 575-9930 Website: www.mauijiujitsu.com

Tournament Rules and Information

Weight Divisions:Rooster: 110-121 lbs.Super Feather: 122-130 lbs.Feather: 135-147 lbs.Light: 148-160 lbs.Middle: 161-173 lbs.Light Heavy: 174-187 lbs.Heavy: 188-202 lbs.Super Heavy: 203-213 lbs.Unlimited: 214 lbs. & over

Time Limits:Adult White Belt 5 MinutesBlue Belt 6 MinutesPurple Belt 7 MinutesBrown Belt 8 MinutesBlack Belt 10 MinutesChildren (under 16 yrs.) 4 Minutes

Requirements for Competition:1.Clean Gi 2.Sleeves no shorter than 4 inches from the wrist.3.Four finger cuff clearance4.Signed Waiver5.Paid entrance fee.

Points:Throws / Takedowns 2 pts. Knee on Stomach 2 pts.Sweep 2 pts.Pass Guard 3 pts.Mount 4 pts.Back (2 hooks in) 4 pts.Submission/Tap Out End of Match

In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, the match will be awarded to the fighter determined to have earned the higher number of advantages during the match. (Referee discretion)

Rules:1.Competitors shall shake hands at the start of, and at the end of the match.2.Competitors shall observe and follow all of the referee’s instructions at all times.

Illegal Techniques:1.Heel hooks and knee bars2.Single Digit Toe or Finger Manipulation3.Striking of any kind (Punching, Kicking, Shoulder)4.Slamming opponent from inside the guard5.Placing fingers in eyes, ears, or mouth6.Neck Cranks

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