4th Pan Ams of Submission Grappling Report and Video

June 3, 2007Fountain Valley CAOn Sunday June 3, 2007 in Fountain Valley, CA the 4th Pan American of Submission Grappling took place just on the outskirts of Huntington Beach, CA. The tournament was hosted by World Grappling Games (GrapplingTournaments.com), in conjunction with a generous sponsorship provided by On The Mat (OntheMat.com). The event came on the heels of K-1 Hero’s Dynamite!! USA, which took place the night before at the historical L.A. Coliseum. The event staff worked diligently into the night at the L.A. Coliseum and then transitioned after the show was over to prepare a stellar Submission Grappling extravaganza complete with 1000’s of dollars in cash and prizes for advanced bracket winners that squared off after winning their own respective divisions. The following is a break down on the highlights of the regular men’s and women’s divisions as well as the open divisions, pro matches, and event highlights!

Event Highlights:

Grappler of the Day: Baret Yoshida for submitting pretty much everyone in attendance.

Submission of the Day: Scott Bieri over Fred Leavy via gogoplata in the Open division.

Best Ringside Chant: Jimmy “WUTANG” Tang.

Biggest Upset: Jimmy Tang over Johnny Ramirez via triangle.

Most interesting game plan: Sean Spangler sitting to his butt and turtling to bait his opponent Jesse Juarez, spinning and submitting Juarez from his guard via armbar. (This would be considered the complete opposite of Spangler’s game).

Match that should have happened: Gazzy Parman (referee) vs. Felicia Oh (score keeper).

Most intriguing possible rematch: Bill Cooper (competitor) vs. Kron Gracie (coach).

Referee with best tattoo sleeves: Rudy “Rudini” Fischmann.

Dance-off that should have happened: Jeff Glover vs. Tavis Heinzelmann.

Best display of acrobatics: Bill Cooper reversing a guillotine attempt into a standing north-south position, which led to his opponent James Clay fleeing the mat and being DQ’d.

Hottest Chick in Attendance: Dirrty D, repping OTM with Mr. Do Nothing himself!

Celebrity Sitings: Brittney Skye, Pat “Hawk” Hardy, and Danny Trejo hanging out at the OTM Fight Shop booth. *

* The night before at K-1 Hero’s Dynamite!! USA.

Age Level Weight Place First Last SchoolAdult Advanced under 140 lbs 1 Baret Yoshida UndisputedAdult Advanced under 140 lbs 2 Mathew Betzoid Cannon FightingAdult Advanced under 140 lbs 3 Chris Holdsworth Cobra Kai

Adult Advanced 140-149.9 lbs 1 Jeff Glover CEJJAdult Advanced 140-149.9 lbs 2 Shane Rice Rickson GracieAdult Advanced 140-149.9 lbs 3 Jimmy Tang Machado JJ/10th Planet

Adult Advanced 150-159.9 lbs 1 Jeremy Umphries Gracie BajaAdult Advanced 150-159.9 lbs 2 Don Stoner MachadoAdult Advanced 150-159.9 lbs 3 Peter Sutton Team Quest

Adult Advanced 160-169.9 lbs 1 Bill Cooper ParagonAdult Advanced 160-169.9 lbs 2 Joao Cuhna Pitbull JJAdult Advanced 160-169.9 lbs 3 Bobby Mrkulic J-Sect

Adult Advanced 170-179.9 lbs 1 James Clay Gokor and Gene LeBellAdult Advanced 170-179.9 lbs 2 Gen Isono Wajutso-Keishukai TokyoAdult Advanced 170-179.9 lbs 3 David Dunn Sidekick

Adult Advanced 180-189.9 lbs 1 Marcel Louzado New BreedAdult Advanced 180-189.9 lbs 2 Joseph Guiterrez Showtime BJJAdult Advanced 180-189.9 lbs 3 Sean Spangler Cobra Kai

Adult Advanced 190-199.9 lbs 1 Cameron Diffley LV Combat ClubAdult Advanced 190-199.9 lbs 2 Erik Soderbergh Rickson Gracie

Adult Advanced 200-209.9 lbs 1 Kevin Casey Rickson GracieAdult Advanced 200-209.9 lbs 2 James Nilsen Boxing Club

Adult Advanced 210 lbs and up 1 Vivicuis Magalhaes Team QuestAdult Advanced 210 lbs and up 2 Aaron Hayes Team QuestAdult Advanced 210 lbs and up 3 Chase Gormley Body Shop Fitness

Adult Beginner under 140 lbs 1 Tony Araiza M.A.D.Adult Beginner under 140 lbs 2 Otto Lai UndipsutedAdult Beginner under 140 lbs 3 Derek Devermont Sidekick

Adult Beginner 140-149.9 lbs 1 Brian Petrillo SidekickAdult Beginner 140-149.9 lbs 2 Patrick Katahara Elite MMA

Adult Beginner 150-159.9 lbs 1 Adam Piccolotti Half Moon Bay MMAAdult Beginner 150-159.9 lbs 2 Art Ramirez MillenniaAdult Beginner 150-159.9 lbs 3 Constantine Hatzis 10th Planet Adult Beginner 160-169.9 lbs 1 Ben Rivera Gazze AcademyAdult Beginner 160-169.9 lbs 2 Joe Lunghofer Boxing ClubAdult Beginner 160-169.9 lbs 3 Jeremy Miranda SD Fight Club

Adult Beginner 170-179.9 lbs 1 Denis Grachez City BoxingAdult Beginner 170-179.9 lbs 2 Joseph Cortez UndisputedAdult Beginner 170-179.9 lbs 3 Tizoc Uribe International Self Defense

Adult Beginner 180-189.9 lbs 1 Joseph Person ParagonAdult Beginner 180-189.9 lbs 2 Dave Nielsen American BoxingAdult Beginner 180-189.9 lbs 3 Nick Pendola

Adult Beginner 190-199.9 lbs 1 Don Bailey Franco Di CarmargoAdult Beginner 190-199.9 lbs 2 Fernando Smith Freedom

Adult Beginner 210 lbs and up 1 Javier Pacheco ExecutiveAdult Beginner 210 lbs and up 2 Steve Mulvihill Executive

Adult Intermediate under 140 lbs 1 Chad George Fight ScienceAdult Intermediate under 140 lbs 2 Maurice Eazel Body ShopAdult Intermediate under 140 lbs 3 Brian Attiyeh UCLS BJJ

Adult Intermediate 140-149.9 lbs 1 Paul Barbosa New BreedAdult Intermediate 140-149.9 lbs 2 Jeff Martin SidekickAdult Intermediate 140-149.9 lbs 3 Justin Holderness USKO

Adult Intermediate 150-159.9 lbs 1 Ivan Alverado USA BJJAdult Intermediate 150-159.9 lbs 2 Ricardo Sanati Team GarageAdult Intermediate 150-159.9 lbs 3 Manny Gonzalez Gracie Baja

Adult Intermediate 160-169.9 lbs 1 Cody Orrison Adult Intermediate 160-169.9 lbs 2 Billy Arnold West Coast JJAdult Intermediate 160-169.9 lbs 3 Del Diaz Machado Pasedena

Adult Intermediate 170-179.9 lbs 1 Sam Temko Half Moon Bay MMAAdult Intermediate 170-179.9 lbs 2 Desi Garcia Gazze AcademyAdult Intermediate 170-179.9 lbs 3 Aaron Cantrell Jackson

Adult Intermediate 180-189.9 lbs 1 Kaelii Brede MachadoAdult Intermediate 180-189.9 lbs 2 Corey Coopersmith Holywood BJJ

Adult Intermediate 190-199.9 lbs 1 Echo Charles Boxing ClubAdult Intermediate 190-199.9 lbs 2 Adam Rendon Lotus Club

Adult Intermediate 200-209.9 lbs 1 Brandon McDowell Death Row JJAdult Intermediate 200-209.9 lbs 2 Johnathan Brandon USA BJJAdult Intermediate 200-209.9 lbs 3 Brian Lieberman J-Sect

Adult Intermediate 210 lbs and up 1 Dave Kohl Adult Intermediate 210 lbs and up 2 Nick Moghaddam Allen GoesAdult Intermediate 210 lbs and up 3 Raylen Byrd Machado

Adult Novice under 140 lbs 1 Jason Barniskcke Viper BJJAdult Novice under 140 lbs 2 Kevin Kim New BreedAdult Novice under 140 lbs 3 Juan Rivas United Grappling

Adult Novice 140-149.9 lbs 1 Scott Vetterman Pitbull JJAdult Novice 140-149.9 lbs 2 Devrow Prescott SpexAdult Novice 140-149.9 lbs 3 Kevin Nosar XTC

Adult Novice 150-159.9 lbs 1 Trevor Barnett SidekickAdult Novice 150-159.9 lbs 2 James Royster SD BJJAdult Novice 150-159.9 lbs 3 Dominic Sanchez

Adult Novice 160-169.9 lbs 1 Joseph Condon EMAAdult Novice 160-169.9 lbs 2 Johnathan Singh Gracie BarraAdult Novice 160-169.9 lbs 3 Stan Proctor Gazze Academy

Adult Novice 170-179.9 lbs 1 Andrew Morello ParagonAdult Novice 170-179.9 lbs 2 Victor Villanneva ParagonAdult Novice 170-179.9 lbs 3 Nikolas Jones

Adult Novice 180-189.9 lbs 1 Josh Tiller ApexAdult Novice 180-189.9 lbs 2 Aaron Olsher Adult Novice 180-189.9 lbs 3 Shane Agnew Undisputed

Adult Novice 190-199.9 lbs 1 Alexander Reyes EMA

Adult Novice 200-209.9 lbs 1 Ryan Barnhill ParagonAdult Novice 200-209.9 lbs 2 Alexander Reyes EMAAdult Novice 200-209.9 lbs 3 Timothy Volking Ronin

Adult Novice 210 lbs and up 1 Joseph Henley West Coast BJJAdult Novice 210 lbs and up 2 Ranson Sheperd J-Sect Nova UniaoAdult Novice 210 lbs and up 3 Joseph Arizmendi FV

Executive Advanced under 160 lbs 1 Baret Yoshida UndisputedExecutive Advanced under 160 lbs 2 Scott Bierri Cobra KaiExecutive Advanced under 160 lbs 3 Fred Leavy Undisputed

Executive Advanced 160-179.9 lbs 1 David Dunn SidekickExecutive Advanced 160-179.9 lbs 2 Aaron Cantrell JacksonExecutive Advanced 160-179.9 lbs 3 Orlando Alonso Team Quest

Executive Advanced 180-189.9 lbs 1 Sean Spangler Cobra KaiExecutive Advanced 180-189.9 lbs 2 Nick Stefan Boxing ClubExecutive Advanced 180-189.9 lbs 3 Joe Mendoza Rickson Gracie

Executive Advanced 200 lbs and up 1 James Nielsen Executive Advanced 200 lbs and up 2 Corey Benin ApexExecutive Advanced 200 lbs and up 3 Michael Haggerty West Coast JJ

Executive Beginner under 160 lbs 1 Juan Talamantes Executive Beginner under 160 lbs 2 Sean Logan GauntletExecutive Beginner under 160 lbs 3 Juan Guzman City Boxing

Executive Beginner 160-179.9 lbs 1 Dave Leon TinguinaExecutive Beginner 160-179.9 lbs 2 Chad Belknap XTCExecutive Beginner 160-179.9 lbs 3 Louie Hernandez De Palma

Executive Beginner 180-199.9 lbs 1 Dillon Renn GracieExecutive Beginner 180-199.9 lbs 2 David Lawrence Proving GroundExecutive Beginner 180-199.9 lbs 3 Tim Irving

Executive Beginner 200 lbs and up 1 Jim Lawson Rodigo TeixeiraExecutive Beginner 200 lbs and up 2 Stephen Pruiett Boxing ClubExecutive Beginner 200 lbs and up 3 Raszell Carpentar Boxing Club

Masters Advanced under 160 lbs 1 Robert Griggs Undisputed

Masters Advanced 160-179.9 lbs 1 David Dunn Sidekick

Masters Beginner under 160 lbs 1 Daniel Hargrove Sidekick

Masters Beginner 160-179.9 lbs 1 Marcos Tuares

Masters Beginner 180-189.9 lbs 1 Davey Dove Gazze AcademyMasters Beginner 180-189.9 lbs 2 Hugh Rochford Gazze AcademyMasters Beginner 180-189.9 lbs 3 Tim Irving

Masters Beginner 200 lbs and up 1 Michael Osborne Sr. UMMA

Women Advanced under 120 lbs 1 Carla O’Connell No LimitsWomen Advanced under 120 lbs 2 Angela Magana Jackson

Women Advanced 120-134.9 lbs 1 Crystina Coats Boxing ClubWomen Advanced 120-134.9 lbs 2 Christine Phillips Team MagnitudeWomen Advanced 120-134.9 lbs 3 Ruth Thompson ISDC

Women Advanced 135-149.9 lbs 1 Valerie Worthington New Breed

Women Advanced 150 lbs and up 1 Lana Stefanac Team StefanacWomen Advanced 150 lbs and up 2 Milda Shibonis Pedro SauerWomen Advanced 150 lbs and up 3 Valerie Worthington New Breed

Women Beginner 120-134.9 lbs 1 Lili Gomez New BreedWomen Beginner 120-134.9 lbs 2 Ilea Anaya

Women Beginner 135-149.9 lbs 1 Charlene Coats Half Moon Bay MMAWomen Beginner 135-149.9 lbs 2 Lili Gomez New Breed

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