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This time, we’ve decided to open up our feature tournament to all competitors! This will be a unique and fun grappling experience! What is the 555 Challenge? The 555 Challenge is a team challenge competition in which teams of three competitors who have a combined weight of 555 pounds or less will face off in a single elimination tournament. Each competitor will face off in a standard grappling match, the team that wins at least two of the matches will advance to the next round, until one team remains and claims the top honors and a $1000 prize. Who can participate in the 555 Challenge? The 555 Challenge is open to ANY registered competitor of the Pan Americans of Submission Grappling. There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to sign up! How do we sign up for the 555 Challenge? The team registration forms will be available at the weigh in locations. Teams may continue to sign up all the way until five minutes before the actual competition. When does the 555 Challenge Begin The 555 Challenge will take place at the Pan Americans of Submission Grappling on June 3rd 2006 at Long Beach City College. Start time is approximately 1:00 PM. How are the weights determined? Weigh ins for the 555 challenge are done at the same time as weigh ins for the standard tournament. You do NOT have to weigh in twice. Team total weight is determined at the time of the weigh ins. (There will be no weight allowance. If an athlete is within 3 pounds of their weigh class they will have until 1 hour before their scheduled division to make weight) 1) Friday, June 2nd, 2006 between 10am-9pm at: OTM Fight Shop: 1010 Aviation Blvd, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 2) Saturday, December 3rd, 2005 by your divisions scheduled deadline time at the tournament location. Are the any weight limits to the 555 Challenge? The only determining factor is that the team must consist of three members, and must weigh a combined total of less than 555 pounds. How the team decides to comprise that weight is entirely up to the team. Notice that the weight allowance would allow three members who weigh in at exactly 185 pounds. What rules will be in effect for the 555 Challenge? The 555 Challenge will use standard advanced division rules. Matches will be six minutes in length. How will the brackets be determined for the 555 Challenge? Each round the teams will be selected by RANDOM DRAW EACH ROUND. Teams will be notified of their match ups just prior to their actually going on (while another head to head match up is going on). It is important for teams to be ready to go at all times once the 555 Challenge begins. If there is an odd number of teams in the round, the last team selected will get a bye. How are individual match ups determined? Each team will have filled out a form listing the order of their participants. Therefore, competitor #1 from Team A will face off against competitor #1 from Team B and so on. Actual match ups will be kept secret until they are actually called. So while Team A will know they are facing off against Team B, they will have no idea who is actually competitor #1 for each team before they hit the mat! Can the Competitor Order be changed? Yes, teams may change their competitor order after each round. While it may be impossible to match up competitors into the most desirable match ups because these are kept secret until the actual match is called, part of the strategy may include changing the order to give competitors more rest time. Can Competitors be substituted or swapped out? Competitors can only be replaced in the case of an injury. The total team weight with the replacement must weigh in at 555 pounds or less (weights determined at time of weigh ins). How much time between each match? Once competitors are called to the mat, they are expected to immediately be ready to compete. If a competitor fails to show or be ready to immediately go, there will be a two minute countdown before the competitor is disqualified that round, and the team suffers a loss. There will be a five minute rest period in between rounds. There will be a ten minute rest period before the final, championship round. Our team won the first two matches, do we have to compete in the last one? Yes, all three matches must take place per round. What is the top prize for the 555 Challenge? The winning team of the 555 Challenge will receive $1000 (to be divided as the team sees fit). What is the 555 Challenge Spirit Award? The team that best shows off Team Spirit will receive a special prize package of merchandise courtesy of the OTM Fight Shop. Spirit can be demonstrated in a number of ways, including matching outfits or costumes, team chants, theme songs, etc. Be CREATIVE and HAVE FUN! More information on the Pan American of Submission Grappling, visit http://www.grapplingtournaments.com Any Questions on the 55 Challenge, contact Gumby@onthemat.com

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