5x World Champion Leticia Ribeiro comes to Bay Area

On Sunday, one of JiuJitsu’s most recognizable female BJJ champions and women’s instructor’s, 5x World Champion Leticia Ribeiro, came to the San Francisco Bay Area to hold a Women’s-Only Seminar at the Eduardo Rocha academy in Oakland, CA.

The seminar was initially organized to hold 20 women from 12-3pm, but due to the overwhelming interest by female BJJ practitioners in the Bay Area, a second 3-hour seminar was held from 4-7pm. In total, 55 BJJ female students came to the two seminars- one traveling as far as Oregon just to attend!

Leticia was joined by her counter part, Mackenzie Dern, also a BJJ world champion. Mackenzie has spent the last year traveling the world with her father and head instructor, Wellington “Megaton” Dias, competing in nearly every major international BJJ competition.

Leticia’s seminar techniques were streamlined from standup to takedowns to finishing. Her presence when she taught and spoke was one of perseverance, dedication and love for the BJJ art and sport. It was evident in her teaching and speech that she truly desired to spread the growth of women’s jiujitsu around the world.


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