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January 14, 2009 – San Diego: In 2008 The Grappling Experience LLC was responsible for raising the bar in submission grappling and pankration tournaments. Now, in 2009 you can provide your tournament participants with the same level of professionalism and appeal with GX Consulting & Mat Rentals. If you are looking to run the best tournament in your area, GX Consulting has everything you need to become number one. The GX team has over 50 years of combined tournament and MMA experience. Many who work for GX have competed for years in various combat sports. GX can run your tournament from the marketing stage, to weigh-ins, to bracket coordination right down to the matches themselves. Whether you are running a small in-school competition or a major regional multi-day tournament, GX can help you every step of the way. A GX consulting package includes but is not limited to: competition mats, scoring tables, chairs, rings, scales, score boards, first aid, referees and barricades. GX also offers training for referees, judges and tournament managers. You can also order any of the above pieces separately. If you want your next tournament to be a success, than you want it powered by GX!Check www.GrapplingX.com for prices and contact information.

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