A.D.C.C. Brazilian Trials 2007

ADCC Commission is as of now officially announcing the opening of the ADCC Brazilian Submission FightingChampionship trials for 2007 that will take placein Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, on the 3rd and 4th ofFebruary of 2007.

These trials will be open for all Brazilian andSouth American male and female athletes and willrequire proper identification or passport (forSouth American regions) before subscribing forthis competition.

The winner of each of the five categories willhave an opening in the 2007 ADCC WorldChampionship that will take place in May 2007 inNew Jersey USA (for further information pleaseaccess www.adcombat.com ) and will have anopportunity to compete with the best of ADCC’sChampionship fighters from all over the world,and participate in winning cash prizes of over U$250.000.

There will be 1 (one) place open for eachcategory to go through to this event. In case oflast minute cancellation for whatever the reasonfrom this athlete the winner in second place ofthat weight class will have the right to go inhis or her place.


The event will take place in the gymnasium ofBotafogo (Ave. Venceslau Bras, ­72) in Rio deJaneiro next to the famous Rio Sul Shoppingcenter.


The official weigh in will take place one dayprior to the event (Friday, 2nd of February) andearly Saturday for last minute athletes. Theevent will take place Saturday 3rd of Feb. andSunday 4th of February.


All applications and resume of fighters should besent to Mr. Guy Neivens at: thecohiba@yahoo.comfor clarifications beforehand.

For all the athletes that care to participate inthese trials once clearing with Mr. Neivens, please access www.floaerj.com.br. and fillout the formulary.

Or contact Mr. Wagner Gomes (organizer of event)at the address below:

fedwrestling.rio@hotmail.com orwagnergomesbr@hotmail.com,

The fee for each athlete till the 26 of Januarywill be R$ 100.00 Reals which is equivalent to U$46.00. For last minute fighters (27 of Januarytill the days of the evnt) the fee will be R$125.00 Reals.

The payment should be made to: Bank of Bradesco,Agency number 24-6, Acc. Number 514.463-9 in thename of Floaerj, and a copy of the receipt shouldbe sent to Mr. Wagner Gomes. For the athletesthat wish to participate on the day of the eventthey should bring this fee in cash along withproper ID.


There will be a limitation of fighters per weightclass and once we reach this limit that weightclass will close.


Rio Sports Tours will be giving special rates forthe athletes that will be coming from otherlocations or countries. You may contact them by:


Tel: 005521 7837 7866 or 005521 8123 0033 askfor Mr. Francis.


Will have this info by today!


Doors open at 08.00 on both days Saturday andSunday.

There will be 8 (eight) minute rounds.

All fights will be judged and decided by ADCCofficials.

Fighters will use T-shirts (jerseys) which willbe supplied by organizers for this event.

Weight categories,

• – 65.9kg• – 76.9 Kg• – 87.9 Kg• – 98.9 Kg• + 99 Kg• Absolute Class

7) Women Weight Classes:• -50kg• -57kg• +57kg

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