A look back at Fatal Femmes Fighting 3

Fatal Femmes Fighting Championship 3: War of the Roses

November 3, 2007Ontario, California- The third Installment of Fatal Femmes Fighting proved to be a night of vicious vixens coming out to show their skills in MMA. War of the Roses hosted some of the best female fighters the sport has to offer including an array of veterans and some promising new comers. The first and in my opinion the most anticipated fight of the night was a battle between Oakland’s Shawn Tamaribuchi versus infamous champion grappler Cindy “The Sleeper” Hales. The first few second of round one shocked the crowd as newcomer Tamaribuchi throws a left forcing Hales to go down, shortly after going for another swing with a right. As Hales stands the fighters clinch and eventually fall to Hales territory on the ground. Hales mounts effortlessly and lands a few of her brutal right hands. The fighters grapple and Hales implements a triangle just seconds before the bell. In round two Tamaribuchi lands a right and then a left knee, but Hales takes control delivering a flawless takedown. She establishes a solid north south position and lets the elbows rain down on Tamaribuchi. Hales finally completes a perfect triangle and wins the fight in 1:30 seconds of round two. A proud and confident Hales was later quoted as saying “Who ever they got at 125 lbs., that’s my belt, I’m taking it!” The Second fight of the night was kick boxer Sally “Slick” Krumdiack (1-0) versus Ohada Jiu Jitsu’s Allison Duckworth in her pro debut. Coming from the same camp as FFF veteran Angela Samaro, I was expecting a fiery and aggressive fighter in Duckworth and she delivered going for a takedown. She lands in a side mount over Krumdiack and lands a few body shots. Just before the first bell Duckworth postures and lands an array of combinations. In round two as Krumdiack goes for a few lefts, Duckworth attempts another takedown but Krumdiack mounts her and gets side control. In round three Duckworth delivers a vicious front kick forcing Krumdiack to go down hard. Duckowrth lands in the guard and the fighters grapple for while until just before the end of the last bell when Krumdiack postures and connect with a few combos. The fight went to the judges and they gave the fight to Krumdiack via unanimous decision. Fight three was a match up between crowd favorite and hometown hero Brandy “Dynamite” Nerney (0-1) versus Japan’s Yukiko Seki (2-4). Despite her 4’11 frame, Nerney came out swinging with ferocity as she keeps the fight going as an all out brawl. Seki holding her own against this fight for glory landing a few rights dazing Nerney. In round two Nerney continues to lands some brutal rights hands and manages a clean take down. As Seki manages to stand the two engage in another brawl session each connecting with combos. In round three Nerney’s obvious reach advantage allows her to continue connecting with right hands, but as she and Seki are clinched up against the cage she lets her devastating knees guarantee the win. The Judges voted the fight in favor of Nerney via unanimous decision. The night’s fourth match up was between two women out to fight for validation in their professional debut. Christina Riddering of Atascadero, CA was up against Extreme Couture’s Karina “Lights Out” Taylor. Riddering comes out with a few kicks and before long the fighters take it to the ground with Taylor in Riddering’s guard. Riddering sets up a triangle but Taylor gets out swiftly. As the referee makes them stand, Riddering goes for another kick and Taylor grabs a hold of her leg and takes her down just before the end of the second round. By round three Riddering proved triumphant landing a vicious left under hook and a left kick to Taylor’s face. As Taylor hits the ground Riddering mounts and pours out those right hands. Riddering wins the fight as the judges rule unanimously in her favor. The fifth fight of the night was headed by FFF veteran and crowd favorite Sofie “BA” Bagherdai (3-0) versus Twisted Genetik’s Michelle Ould (1-1). As Ould attempts a takedown the fighters end up clinched. Bagherdai lands a right and soon after attempts a guillotine. She jumps guard but Ould was able to escape. The fight gives the audience a déjà vu as the Bagherdai completes yet another guillotine and jumps guard, but this time the fighters roll and Bagherdai sets up a clean mount finishing the fight with a seemingly effortless ground and pound session. Bagherdai wins the fight in only 1:58 seconds of round one. In the co-main event featured a fight between FFF Lightweight Champion, Lisa Ward (10-3) versus Japan’s own World Remix Champion Megumi “The Ice Queen” Yabushita (13-12). The fighters feel each other out in round one but Ward keeps the fight interesting landing a few kicks. In round two Ward goes for a takedown but Yabushita lands in side control. The fighters stand and Ward lands a few harsh knees; she attempts a takedown and manages to take her opponent’s back, but Yabushita escapes just seconds before the bell. In round three both fighters were out for the kill as Ward lands three clean leg kicks and a few brutal knees while in the clinch. Yabushita, not to be outdone, completes a perfect judo toss. Just before the last round Ward takes Yabushita’s back and lands 4 vicious knees. The fight was ruled unanimously in favor of Ward. The main event featured another FFF veteran, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown belt Vanessa Porto versus Japan’s own Hitomi Akano. This five round war proved Porto’s well-roundedness as she connects with a few combos. As the fighters take it to the ground, Porto mounts and lands a slew of right hands but decides to stand. As Akano works her open guard Porto connects with a few harsh leg kicks just before the end of round one. In round two Porto continues in with those leg kicks and attempts to take Akano’s back landing a few under hooks and attempting a rear naked choke. In round three Porto sets up a clean take down and as Akano stands Porto kicks up and lands a few kicks to Akano’s face and attempts an ankle crank just before the third bell. In round four Akano came out redeeming herself landing a left front kick and connects with a right hand. Just before the end of round four Porto takes Akano’s back just after she attempts a take down. In the final round Akano goes for a take down and lands in Porto’s guard. As Akano stands Porto continues to work her open guard and lands a few kick from the bottom. The pair switch position and seconds before the last bell Porto finds herself landing a few more leg kicks on Akano. The fight goes to the judges and they give the victory to Porto via split decision.

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