A Quick Note from Las Vegas

Greetings from Las Vegas

I just wanted to send you a quick hello and let you all know that my Online Store is ready and available. Check out the products I have available and support the Flo if you can!!! I will be continually adding products to the store.

After all the hard training and preparation, I am excited to finally fight and see how I match up against Kit Cope`s world class Muay Thai and new MMA skills.

There is nothing like waiting for a fight. I sense an amazing awareness and focus leading to the fight now. I run over the techniques, strategies and past training sessions in my head. Yet, I am open to whatever may happen in the Octagon. In the fight against Diego, for the finals of the Ultimate Fighter Season 1, I felt like everything was put in fast forward and I could not slow it down. Everything was out of my control.

Now I find myself fighting on the Season 2 Ultimate Fighter Finale Fight card and I am back to enjoying this whole process. I am aware of everything, yet focused on the task at hand. I enter the ring now with the intention of leaving everything of me in the Octagon.

I feel like I am about to paint or sculpt. But in this case, the canvas or sculpture will fight back and resist. There is no hate, no pleasure or pain. It is just work. It is a job where one mistake can be your last and the margin of error is razor thin. However, like the construction worker who works high in the sky, walking on a beam that is 3 inches wide, he does not think about falling off and dying. Rather he just thinks about crossing the beam to finish his work.

See me cross the beam at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Nov. 5th in Las Vegas or watch it all on TV on SpikeTV at 9:00 p.m. East Coast time.

Thank you all for your support. Much love.

KenFlo email: kennyflorian@yahoo.com web: http://www.kennyflorianstore.com

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