Abu Dhabi WPJJC 2012 (Black Belt: Results)

Abu Dhabi WPJJC 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Black Belt finals for the Abu Dhabi WPJJC 2012:

-64 kg Final: Fernando Vieira defeated Thiago Barreto via Advantages (3-1).

-70 kg Final: Samuel Canquerino defeated Raphael dos Santos via Points (15-0).

-76 kg Final: Roberto Satoshi defeated Lucas Lepri via Points (2-0).

-82 kg Final: Claudio Calasans Jr. defeated Lucas Leite via Points (2-0).

-88 kg Final: Andre Galvão defated Vitor Toledo via Submission (Gi Choke from Back).

-94 kg Final: Rodolfo Vieira defeated Roberto Alencar via Submission (Armbar).

-100 kg Final: Xande Ribeiro defeated Bernardo Faria via Points (2-0).

+100 kg Final: Antônio Braga Neto defeated Marcus Buchecha via Submission (Heel Hook).

Absolute Final: Rodolfo Vieira defeated Andre Galvão via Points (4-2).


Female Purple|Brown|Black Belt finals for the Abu Dhabi WPJJC 2012:

-54 kg Final: Nyjah Easton defeated Samara Reis via Points (17-0).

-60 kg Final: Michelle Nicolini defeated Kyra Gracie via Submission (Foot Lock).

-66 kg Final: Luanna Alzuguir defeated Luiza Monteiro via Advantages (1-0).

-72 kg Final: Fernanda Mazelli defated Jessica Oliveira via Advantages (1-0).

+72 kg Final: Gabi Garcia defeated Maria Malyjasiak via Points (7-0).

Absolute Final: Gabi Garcia defeated Beatriz Mesquita via Points (3-2).


WPJJC 2012 released the values ​​of the prize money for gold, silver, and bronze medalists in each category.

The top three in all adult divisions: Brown | Black Belt (male) and Purple | Brown | Black Belt (female) received prize money. Only the top two of Blue Belt (male & female) and Purple Belt (male) received prize money.

Senior and White Belt categories did not receive prize money. Rodolfo Vieira (pictured above) defated Andre Galvão to win the Absolute Black Belt division and received $30,000. See the image below to see how much eveyrone earned.


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