ADCC 2011: -65.9 kg

1st Round Matches: 


Rafael Mendes vs. Bruno Frazzato

-Rafael Mendes defeats Bruno Frazzato via points.


Justin Rader vs. Timo-Juhani Hirvikangas

Justin Rader defeats Timo-Juhani Hirvikangas via points in a very close match.


Robson Moura vs. Greger Forsel

 -Robson Moura defeats Greger Forsel via points.


Ryan Hall vs. Tetsu Hadairo

 -Ryan Hall defeats Tetsu Hadairo via points.


Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles vs. David Marinakis

 -Cobrinha defeats David Marinakis via Triangle Choke in 3:29.


Nicolas Renier vs. Barret Yoshida

 -Barret Yoshida defeats Nicolas Renier via Rear Naked Choke in 11:46.


Jeff Glover vs. Tom Barlow

 -Jeff Glover defeats Tom Barlow via points.


Marko Ramos vs. Rafael Dos Santos

Marko Ramos defeats Rafael Dos Santos via points.

*Rani Yahya was disqualified for being 9 lbs. overweight at the weigh-ins and Dos Santos took his place.


2nd Round Matches:

Rafael Mendes vs. Justin Rader

-Rafael Mendes defeats Justin Rader via Rear Naked Choke in 1:33. Mendes used a beautiful sequence using omomplata, to armbar attempt, to back transition, before flattening Radel out and sinking the RNC.


Robson Moura vs. Ryan Hall

-Robson Moura defeats Ryan Hall via points with a guard pass.


Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles vs. Barret Yoshida

-Cobrinha defeats Barret Yoshida via points.


Jeff Glover vs. Marko Ramos

-Jeff Glover defeats Marko Ramos via lightning fast D’Arce Choke in 1:30.

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