ADCC 2011: Women -60 kg & Women +60 kg

1st Round Matches (semis and finals on Sunday)


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Women -60 kg

 Luanna Alzuguir vs. Vanessa English (replaced Cathilee Albert)

 -Luana Alzuguir kneebars Vanessa English to advance to semifinals.


Michele Nicolini vs. Lara Jayne Ng

 -Michelle Nicolini submits Lara Jayne Ng by toe hold.


Rosi Sexton vs. Hashi Takayo

-Hashi Takayo defeats Rosi Sexton by points.


Sara Svensson vs. Kyra Gracie

-Kyra Gracie submits Sara Svensson by armbar.


Women’s -60kg Semifinals:

Luanna Alzuguir VS Michelle Nicolini

Kyra Gracie VS Hashi Takayo


Women +60 kg


Gabrielle Garcia vs. Devi Ahuja

 -Gabi Garcia submits Devi Ahuja with an Americana.


Penny Thomas vs. Talita Nogueira

– Penny Thomas recovers from Talita’s triangle to take the back of Talia and submit the Brazilian with a RNC.


Ida Hansson vs. Katrina Weilbacher

-Ida Hansson of Sweden defeats American Katrina Wilbacher on points.



Fiona Muxlow vs. Hannette Staack

-Hanette Staack submits Fiona Muxlow via RNC.


Women’s +60kg Semifinals:

Gabi Garcia VS Penny Thomas

Ida Hansson VS Hanette Staack


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