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In a word, finally….In the cold air of Vernon there was no buzz about the air about what happened. Very few spectators would be there to witness what will surely go down as one of the best grappling tournaments to happen in North America ever. What elevated this tournament to greatness came from deep within each and everyone of the competitors who saw this as the culmination of years of hard work, determination and sweat. Every single one of them brought out a new level of emotion to the competition, and nothing was going to be held back.

At the same time, the camaraderie among the grapplers was very high. Because so many of these warriors had to travel alone without any support they relied on each other for support and when not competing were often cheering and coaching who at one time were rivals.

In a word, finally….

The ADCC North American Trials 2004 2 DVD Set!

Maybe the best grappling tournament NEVER seen, finally available on DVD in this 2 disc set! All of the matches from the North American Trials 2004:

Under 65K

Alberto Crane vs Steve GranieriRami Bouki vs Matt YeeJeff Glover vs David YiJavier Vazquez vs Rob DicensoAlberto Crane vs Rami BoukiJavier Vazquez vs Jeff Glover Javier Vazquez vs Alberto Crane

Under 76K

Mark Bocek vs Marty ArmendezCameron Earle vs Eric KobleKurt Pellegrino vs Scott SchillingTyson Griffin vs Tyrone GloverMark Bocek vs Cameron EarleKurt Pellegrino vs Tyrone GloverKurt Pellegrino vs Cameron Earle

Under 87K

Justin Garcia vs Ryan HarveyCorey MacDonald vs Craig SloanRick Macauley vs Amal EastonMarcos Avellan vs Nick RingJustin Garcia vs Corey MacDonaldRick Macauley vs Marcos AvellanJustin Garcia vs Marcos Avellan

Under 99K

Eliot Marshal vs Asa FullerBrandon Vera vs Rick MigliareseJamal Patterson vs Rob VanderbeukenBrandon Ruiz vs Jason MacDonaldEliot Marshal vs Brandon VeraJamal Patterson vs Brandon RuizJamal Patterson vs Brandon Vera

Over 99K

Karim Byron vs Shawn GerisKarim Byron over Rob ConstanceRob Constance vs Shawn Geris

Also the US Open X DVD

Tenth Anniversary of the most prestigious BJJ event in North America! Featuring the brown and black belt Team challenge!

Cassio Werneck vs Amal EastonElliot Marshall vs John CarlquistNick Kline vs Marcos TorregrosaCassio Werneck vs Rafael Lovato Jr.Saulo Ribeiro vs John CarlquistVinicius Magalhaes vs Walter VitaleSaulo Ribeiro vs Amal EastonVinicius Magalhaes vs Eliot MarshallRafael Lovato Jr. vs Nick Kline

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