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ADCC UK Nationals 2007 Results – Tosta wins AbsoluteThe ADCC UK Nationals turned out to be one of those events that came through adversity to be put on. With medals being delayed in customs in Sao Paulo and staff being sick, it still managed to be the best No- Gi tournament outside of Urban Gorilaz this year in the UK.

Many saw this tournament as a final “Open tournament”, because as of this year only UK and European Nationals will be able to fight in such ADCC tournaments (Nationals, Novice etc). They day of the international open is numbered. This will increase the growth in member countries and give everyone a chance to compete at a higher level outside of their own member country upon qualification.

There where some hard fought matches on the day, but the tournament competitors have been voted as, Luis Tosta – Gracie Barra Marios Reis/Londonshoot for his win in the Absolute, Alexandre Izidro – Brazilian Top Team -76.9kg winner, Oliver Geddes Novice Absolute winner and surprise competitor Matt Jones from Gracie Barra.

Matt fought his way to the final to face Luiz and was winning until the fatal triangle of Luiz sunk very deep.

In the womans, returning ADCC World Championship competitor Rachel Wheatley took on ADCC UK Open finalist and ADCC Dutch Open winner Kathy Gifford from Londonshoot fighters. Rachel again proved why she is so strong in this division as she went on to beat Kathy on points. In the womans novice division, Christina Fraquelli from the Roger Gracie Academy, gathered another Gold in a week as she again won her division in the woman -66.9kg after gaining gold in the Gomes Cup the week before.

Thank you first to all the competitors for their patience (Medals arrived in the end) and hard work to help the sport grow in the UK and Europe. Also to all the refs, stand in staff, and coaches, that helped out on the day. You guys make the engine work.

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Place Name Academy Womans Advanced – 60kgs 1 Rachel Wheatley Gracie Barra Birmingham2 Kath Gifford London Shootfighters Mens Advanced – 65kgs 1 Anderson Pereira Brazilian Top Team2 Jonatas Ratinho Eliaquim Graciebarra 753 Luiz Tosta London Shoot/GB Mario Reis Mens Advanced – 76.9kgs 1 Alexandre Izidro Brazilian Top Team2 Jon Reeve London Shootfighters3 Bennet Jarvis London Shootfighters3 Anderson Pavao London Fight Factory Mens Advanced – 87.9kgs 1 Fabio Toldo London ShootFighters2 JAMIL SOROUJI APPLIED FIGHTING SYSTEMS3 Richard Willis Fighting Fit Mens Advanced – 98.9kgs 1 Neil Owen Mcevoy Doncaster St George2 Przemyslam Mysiala Brazilian Top Team3 Orizu Nwokeji London ShootFighters Mens Advanced + 99kgs 1 Thiago Borges London Fight Factory2 Matt Jones Gracie Barra Swansea3 Mens Advanced Absolute 1 Luiz Tosta London Shoot/GB Mario Reis2 Matt Jones Gracie Barra Swansea3 Tom Wilson Shen-Ti Womans Novice + 67kg 1 Mary Stevens Gracie Barra Birmingham2 Claire Maden Gracie Barra Birmingham3 Womans Novice – 66.9kg 1 Christina Fraquelli Roger Gracie Academy2 Theresa Quinn GB Birmingham3 Mens Novice – 61kg 1 Manjit Bhambra Brazilian Top Team2 Jignesh Mistry Brazilian Top Team3 Carl Anthony Luckett London Shootfighters Mens Novice – 67kg 1 Daniel Strauss Roger Gracie Academy2 Fitzroy Peters London Shootfighters3 Ali Rastegar London Shootfighters Mens Novice – 73kg 1 Uvais Namiev London Shootfighters2 Oliver Geddes Roger Gracie Academy3 Ed Kempson London Shootfighters Mens Novice – 79kg 1 Leon Odiete London ShootFighters2 Anthony Leslie London Shootfighters3 Sam Grundy Mens Novice – 85kg 1 Philip Turner Next Generation2 Kurt Johnson London Shootfighters3 Nathan Moore-Pointing Sweat Box Mens Novice – 91kg 1 Jamie Peach Hybrid Fight Team2 Dave Pawan Applied Fighting Systems3 Tolly Plested Gracie Barra Hastings Mens Novice – 100kg 1 Nathan Davy 2 Dean Liebenberg Brasa3 Martin Misa BTT Mens Novice + 100kg 1 Philbert Jacobie 2 Jeremy Rowlett Weight Shak3 Mens Novice Absolute 1 Oliver Geddes Roger Gracie Academy2 Jamie Peach Hybrid Fight Team3 Allan Love

3 Dave Pawan Applied Fighting Systems

Other ADCC European news:

The ADCC European Federation has been growing at a very fast rate over the last 2 years and has a membership of 23 countries.Each country will be running a National, Beginner, Open tournament each year and referee course’s each year. The European Federation will continue to run the European trails for the World Championships, but also have plans to have a European Championships separate from the World Championships event.

As of this year all competing academies will have to be a member of their ADCC country Federation. The cost of membership is € 100. This will go to the aid the running of the country and European Federations. No academy or individual will be able to compete in any ADCC tournament without being a member to the Federation.

Federation countries:Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Serbia, Holland, Croatia, Ireland / Wales / Scotland, Portugal, Belgium / Luxembourg, Lithuania, France, Greece, Sweden, Denmark & Norway, Italy, Bulgaria, Finland, U.K, Germany

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