Alexandre Barros with defined opponent on Showtime Fights

 Ballad and MMA together in the same event? This is what will happen in the first edition of Showtime Fights, which takes place on February 12, at the premises of the Hard Rock Café, in Barra da Tijuca. After watching great matches, the public will be able to enjoy shows like of the rapper MV Bill, and the sound of DJs Cia and Farinha, the best of hip hop.


And the organization, headed by prosecutors Wander Braga and Tata Duarte, has just confirmed one more match. Alexandre Baixinho will face Henrique Negão (Minotauro Team / Caverna), who just won in the event X-Fight. Another confirmed fight is between Atila Lourenço (Infight) and Junior Lima (Charlie Brown).


Check out the card:



Showtime Fights


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


February 12, 2011



– Fabiano Bob Sponja (TFT) x Sandro China (Careca Team)


– Juninho Preto (TFT) x Ralf Loren (Ary Fight)


– Arthur Gogó (Gracie Fusion) x Bruno Mãozinha (Senna Team)


– Atila Lourenço (Infight) x Junior Lima (Charlie Brown)


– Alexandre Baixinho (Carlson Gracie / Ary Galo) x Henrique Negão (Minotauro Team / Caverna)


– Eduardo Pachu (Gordo JJ) vs opponent to confirm


– Aloísio Dado (Gracie Barra) vs opponent to confirm

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