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Interview originally published on The New Full Contact1) How did you get your start in the Martial Arts?

My grandfather prompted my interest in Martial Arts. He study judo as well as jiujitsu and when I was a little kid he took me to study jiujitsu under Carlson Gracie.

2) How long have you trained in BJJ? Under whom?

I’ve been training in jiujitsu for the past 19 years under Carlson Gracie.

3)Have you studied any other styles?

I have studied boxing/kickboxing as well as having a black belt in judo.

4)What titles/tournaments have you won?

I’ve won numerous sport jiujitsu championships, including the Brazilian championship as well several judo tournaments.

5)Describe your training regimen.

My current training regimen consists of practicing jiujitsu, free-sparring,swimming and boxing. I try to mix up my routine.

6)Do you have a favorite move/submission?

All types of arm-bars.

7)What are the reasons for your public challenge to Renzo Gracie?

Basically it comes down to this. The promoters of EF/Battlecade offered me the fight and I accepted it.

8)What will be your strategy against Renzo if you face off?

Pass his guard, achieve the mount position and finish the fight from there.

9)What do you think of the rest of the Gracie family? Of Rickson Gracie?

I respect all members of the Gracie members, and am grateful for all they have done to promote the great art of jiujitsu. Rickson Gracie is a great fighter for whom I hold the utmost respect.

10)Who will be your opponent at EFC 3 if Renzo refuses the fight?

It is not really up to me, but there has been talk of several names.I would rather not speculate at this point. I just want to fight.

11)Is there a particular fighter you would like to go up against? (aside from Renzo)?

No, no one in particular.

12)Is there any fighter you dislike?

No, not really.

13)What happened at UFC 8 between you and Tank Abbott?

Some words were exchanged, and Tank attacked me.

14)I’ve heard that the two of you have fought before. Is that true, and what were the results?

Tank came by my school awhile back and we grappled. I made him tap out several times.

15)Would you like to fight Tank in the ring?

Sure, but I’m not fixated on it.

16)What do you think of Tank as a person and as a fighter?

Character: He’s a pretty wild person, I think a professional fighter should conduct themselves a little more controlled.

Fighter: He’s definitely a tough fighter. I think his conditioning is a weak spot.

17)Have you been approached to take part in the UFC?

I have discussions with them at various times.

18)Would you like to fight in the UFC?

I have some reservations about fighting in the UFC, in it’s current incarnation. Largely because of the new set of rules, including restarts and time limits.

19)Having fought in Pancrase, what did you think of it? Of Frank Shamrock?

Due to the nature of that sport, it was more difficult than I expected for me to adapt. Frank Shamrock is a tough Pancrase fighter.

20)Was your ankle broken in that fight?

It wasn’t broken, but badly dislocated.

21)Do you have any students we should be keeping an eye out for?

I have been working extensively with Justin McCaully (Sean’s brother from WCC). He will probably be ready in a half year or so.

22)What do you think of all the recent legal problems that NHB events have faced in North America?

I think the general public just needs to become more educated about this sport. People have to understand that it is safer than boxing.

I would like to thank all of my supporters.

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