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Allan Goes recently defeated Daniel Gracie at the IFL. Here we talk to Allan about his training and his plans to fight in the future.Denis Martins: Did you have any personal problems to Daniel Gracie? Did you have fight BJJ against him in Brazil?

Allan Goes: No, this was not a personal issue. This was an important fight for me because Daniel, in my opinion, is the strongest Gracie and one of the best BJJ players in the World. So to knock a Gracie out is always good, this generated a good exposure over my name.

DM: Was your intention to keep the fight stand?

AG: Yes, I wanted to check if my stand-up training I was making with Maurice Smith would render me good situations during a fight. I simply believed that he would not be prepared like I was to fight on the feet, because of that I adopted a on the feet posture.

DM: What could you feel from Daniel? Could you beat in at R1?

AG: Everything could happen. But I believed I could beat him into R1. I felt I dominated that whole fight.

DM: The outcome of that fight surprised many fans. How are you Kickboxing trainings going?

AG: To train on the feet became a fun for me such as was to learn BJJ. I learn new things everyday. Maurice for me is the Carlson Gracie of the strikes. I think I am better than I was and I can develop more.

DM: Did Daniel offer you any danger during the fight?

AG: Any fighter can offer you an eminent danger. A punch well landed can drop anyone. On that fight I felt total dominance since the beginning until the end. But of course, anything could happen. I was with extra will power to beat him and I gave my best.

DM: You did not fight between the heavyweights since that fight against Mark Coleman at Pride 13. But you already fought against a heavyweight fighter at IFL. How are you feeling on this category?

AG: I fight any weight class. I fought Devin Cole at IFL, but that Daniel’s fight was 205lbs, this is my current weight. I like to fight in all categories, I want to show I am versatile fighter and I do not have fear of jeopardize myself. The risk makes part of my job. I look for to not give importance to the risks, I want to have fun. I want to give my best!

DM: What can you tell us about that your fight against Cole?

AG: He was tall and heaviest than I do. He offered me eminent danger due to his reach and strength. I believed in my technique and my experience to beat him. I believe more in my striking and I know I will give many troubles to several fighters.

DM: What do you think about IFL?

AG: This is an organization which has reached its place between the best and they will grow more in 2007. What I think is extremely interesting at IFL is that it takes care of the fighters like I never saw before in any MMA organization. I want to say congratulations for the initiative of Gareb Shamus and Kurt Otto. They are real professional promoters.

DM: Alan, you were in same event that Mark Kerr fought. What did you think about his return?

AG: He is a phenom. When he real put focus to the MMA and to overwhelm the obstacles which all people have in the life, I am sure he will smash a lot of people again.

DM: You are living in America now. Why did you leave Brazil and BTT?AG: I left Brazil 15 years back, because I had a family and I wanted to give to my kids and wife a better condition. My life is replete of happiness because I have three kids beautiful and healthy, and my wonderful wife is pregnant again. Is not it happiness?

DM: Do you feel more responsibility on being a Captain at Tiger Sharks?

AG: The Tiger Sharks is a new team, the members are young, but I believe a lot on their potential. We are working to make Tiger Sharks to grow.

DM: Do you have will of fighting UFC again?

AG: If I did not have a contract with IFL I would fight there again if an opportunity arises. But I am very happy with IFL and with my current contract.

DM: Tell us your plans for 2007?

AG: While God gives me strength I will keep fighting, not only on the rings, but also in my academy, LA Boxing Aliso Viejo, California. I have my own fightwear Alan Goes Gear and my plans will become a reality soon. I have a contract with IFL and I will honor it.

DM: Thanks for you time, last words?

AG: I would like to thanks my sponsors Hurley International, LA Boxing Aliso Vejo, Garra Gear and Shaklee Suplements. The fans can support me at visiting Thank you for the opportunity.

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