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THE KID IS READY TO RUMBLEalvinAlvin KID robinson will return to UFC action this Wednesday night as he faces TUF season 5 winner Nate Diaz. The fight is a feature bout on UFC FIGHT NIGHT being broadcast live on SPIKE TV. Both fighters represent the Gracie system with Robinson hailing from the Royce Gracie lineage and Diaz flying the Cesar Gracie flag. Robinson is coming off an impressive win at UFC 77 over the veteran Jorge Gurgel. We caught up with him briefly before he and his camp headed to Las Vegas. First off, how was training camp?Training camp was really good. This was probably the first time that I had consistent sparring partners. Really? Who did you train with?My new team out of the MMA LAB. It is Jon Crouch, Adam Gillespy, Coach O, Jarred Aki, Ben Henderson, Del Hawkins, Joe Veres, Luiz, Pat, and Jason Beck. Also Santino Defranco, Vic and Yotti. MMA LAB? How is the new gym?I love the LAB. I am there 24/7. It is a family atmosphere. So you recently moved to AZ, how do you like it?I love it in Arizona. Great weather and cool people. Oh and of course no snow! Let’s talk about the fight. What do you think will be the key factor in your fight with Nate Diaz? Well I think that Nate is better than people give him credit for. I definitely have to be on my A game that night. I trained every aspect for this fight, wrestling, boxing, and of course Jiujitsu. Wherever the fight goes, I am ready. Do you have a prediction for the fight?Only thing I can say for sure is it will be exciting and I believe I will win one way or another. I think Nate and I could get Fight of the Night. Do you consider this your biggest fight to date? This is a big fight for sure but any fight in the UFC is a big fight in my eyes. Do you feel any pressure for being on live national TV?I don’t feel anymore pressure for this fight than I did fighting Kenny or Jorge. Every fight is important to me and I want put on a great show.

Do you have anything to say to your fans?I want to say Thank you for all the support. Make sure to watch the show Jan. 23rd. It’s going to be a great night! Is There anyone you would like to thank?Yes. I would like to thank the MMA LAB, and all my sponsors. They really stepped up this fight and it has helped me be able to train and focus on getting prepared. I also want thank everyone who helped me train for this fight, and everyone who supports me in my life.

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