Amechipalooza this Saturday!

Okay folks, this Saturday is D-Day… Amechipalooza! HERE IS HOW THE DOOR WORKS The promoters just told me that I don’t need to provide them with a list. As long as you say that you are there for Amechipalooza, you’re all good. I am going to bring a list anyways just in case there are issues, however, so feel free to email me full names for you and your guests if you would like. DOOR COVER Before 10:30 pm, Entry for Women is FREE! For Men, entry is discounted to $10. WHEN TO ARRIVE Get there as early as possible! You get the discounted entry from 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm. BE THERE! If you remember last year, I had a looong line of friends all trying to get in at the same time. Everyone got in, but there was a little waiting. Not velvet rope style, but just a line to check IDs and stuff. The earlier you show up the better. Our group will be DEEP so you know you will be around great people from the jump off. Lets own the club right from the start! SHOW UP EARLY I am stressing this again, not because it is mandatory, but because it will be easier for you. As I am personally friends with 160 of the people who have RSVP’d so far, I won’t be able to pull people from line. IMPORTANT STORY Check this out though. I am going to share a little story with you. One day Billy was invited to a house party. Billy thought, “Awesome! There is gonna be free booze there!” Indeed Billy was right. The thing is, everyone who was invited to the party showed up for the free booze but did not bring a bottle or 6-pack to contribute to the party. When Billy arrived at the party with everybody else, there ended up not being nearly enough alcohol at the party. Things were sad with the world. THE MORAL OF THE STORY Bring Ladies! (Not booze.) I mean, I have friends, and they have friends, and there will be girls at the club, but still… help the ratio and bring some XX chromosomes (for those not genetically inclined, that means women). You have a couple days to recruit… make it happen! There Can Never Be Too Many Chicks. Period. Let’s do this big. It should be sick. Amechi a.k.a. Meech-Doggie-Dawg

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