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Dear Friends,

First, I want to thank you for your wonderful response to The Art of Learning. I poured my heart into the book, and your feedback has meant the world to me. Over the past year, I have received so many thoughtful letters about the book, and I have done my best to respond. Many of you have asked how we can deepen our dialogue, and now I would like to extend an invitation. I will be giving a 3 day Workshop at The Omega Center in Rhinebeck NY, June 20-22. The Omega campus is an extremely beautiful place, and this will be an intense weekend of reflection and dynamic conversation. I plan to use The Art of Learning and your insights as a springboard into a nuanced exploration of the learning process and performance psychology. I would love to have as diverse a group as possible attending, so please—musicians, athletes, chess players, parents, psychologists, teachers, doctors, philosophers, learners of all persuasions–if my ideas intrigue you, come with questions and let’s dive in!

I greatly look forward to this time together.


Josh Waitzkin

Info about my seminar and registration can be found here:

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