Anderson Silva Might Fight at UFC 198

Anderson Silva wanted a quick return to the cage after year suspension due to a failed drug test kept him out of the cage after his gruesome return from injury. The broken leg and failed drug test has all but ran out his time at making a comeback in the division he ruled for so long. Then he lost a very close decision to Michael Bisping even though it looked like he won if you looked at the two fighters after the fight. Now, he may take on a very dangerous opponent who runs hot and cold in his MMA career.

Uriah Hall looked like a world beater in his destruction of opponents on his season of turf and even ran comparisons to the long time Middleweight champion. Then he lost the final to the undersized Kelvin Gastleum and his expectations for greatness dropped. The fact that he followed up that fight with another split decision loss spelled doom in almost everyone’s eyes considering he lost two fights to people who prefer to fight at 170. With the stress off he was able to go 4-1 in his next five fights and took a shot to achieve glory in a fight everyone counted him out against with Gegard Mousasi.

Hall defied expectations and broke through the ranks with a spectacular knockout that was easily a contender of the year. He next took a short notice bout with another former Welterweight in Robert Whittaker and lost that fight. Now, he has a chance to reclaim some momentum if the fight with Anderson comes to fruition. For Anderson, it will he him trying to first fight in four years in his fifth attempt. He lost to Weidman twice, a overturned win to Nick Diaz and the aforementioned loss to Bisping. It may be both of their last shots at being a contender at 185, but who will be able to come out on top? Only time will tell but what do you think?

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