(TORONTO/MONTREAL/CALGARY)РAPEX Entertainment Group (APEX) and Championship Fighting Series (CFS) are proud to reveal two major announcements for the Canadian MMA scene. The first announcement is that APEX and CFS have joined forces to create one of the country’s largest MMA organizations; Hardcore Championship Fighting (HCF). With the combined forces of APEX, in addition to CFS CEO Keith Crawford, the experience of this new group is unparalleled in Canadian MMA.

In addition to this union, Hardcore Championship Fighting is proud to announce that they have signed a long term contract with Score Media to broadcast fifty-two (52) unique episodes a year of live MMA action on The Score television network starting on November 15th, 2006. The Score, Home for the Hardcore is a national specialty television service providing sports, news, information, highlights and live event programming, and is available across Canada in over 5.8 million homes. The first five episodes of Hardcore Championship Fighting will feature fights from APEX: A Night of Champions, which occurred on October 14th, 2006.

“MMA is the world’s fastest growing sport and our partnership brings Canadian Promoters to the level of the world’s top promotions with this exposure,” said CFS CEO Keith Crawford. “Partnering with APEX and their team has culminated in the largest deal in Canadian Television history for MMA. Our partnership is precedent setting in Canada as the two main forces on television have joined to create an infrastructure unparalleled for Product!” “APEX is pleased to be teaming with a person the caliber of Keith Crawford. He is by far one of the most influential figures in Canadian MMA. He is intelligent, genuine and pioneer for the sport and it will be a pleasure to work with him for years to come,” said APEX President Adis Greco. “I would like to thank The Score for having the vision to give Canadian MMA an opportunity to shows its potential to be a true mainstream sport. Anthony Cicone deserves a lot of credit for this vision and his place in Canadian MMA history has been established with this deal.”

Hardcore Championship Fighting is a newly-formed production company that will be producing MMA events across North America with the purpose of making them available through all media outlets within Canada including television, pay-per-view (PPV) and DVD. HCF will combine forces with some of the top promoters from across the planet, to show our viewers top-notch MMA action available exclusively on The Score. APEX is the first promotion officially tied to the Hardcore Championship Fighting name, but look for more promotions to be announced within the next couple of weeks.

APEX Championship Fighting is a Montreal based Mixed Martial Arts promoter that holds events in the province of Quebec. Established in 2004, APEX Championship Fighting is considered one of Canada’s premiere promotions and APEX will be featured on Hardcore Championship Fighting on The Score, Home for the Hardcore. APEX is featuring some of the countries greatest talents like World Welterweight Champion Jeff ‘The Inferno’ Joslin, Wagnney Fabiano, Canadian Welterweight Champion Rowan Cunningham, Nabil ‘The Thrill’ Khatib and Canadian Middleweight Champion Fritz ‘The Animal’ Paul.

For further information: or to schedule an interview with a member of Hardcore Championship Fighting, please contact us at info@apexfighting.com.

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